NCB and police training

We provide effective training on the ground via our extensive network of national and regional bureaus.

Who benefits from training?

Staff in National Central Bureaus (NCBs) and the Secretariat’s Regional Bureaus (RBs) are INTERPOL’s link with national police forces and they are increasingly called upon to play a greater operational role.

We ensure that all NCB and RB staff stay up to speed on the crimes they have to tackle. Each year we organize refresher courses on INTERPOL’s tools and services for a wide target audience in our four main regions. Regional Training Officers located in the RBs ensure training is tailored to regional issues.

Capacity building and training
Firearms training

What type of training is delivered?

The INTERPOL Policing Capabilities Programme plays a pivotal role. It is a highly interactive workshop which involves practical exercises on INTERPOL systems, problem-solving scenarios, knowledge and skills assessment, simulations and case studies. The course is delivered each year to all geographical regions and is available in our four official languages.

INTERPOL provides specialised training on a wide variety of transnational crimes from trafficking in human beings to fighting intellectual property crime. These courses are delivered in various formats – in person, online or blended – to meet the varying needs of law enforcement around the world.

A biennial INTERPOL Police Training Symposium provides law enforcement training professionals with an opportunity to discover new opportunities for resource optimization, share training-related knowledge and explore initiatives to utilize next generation technologies.

Never standing still

It is vital for us to review the activities and courses on a regular basis to ensure their continued strategic and operational relevance.