Integrated Border Management Task Force

Our task force supports law enforcement officers working at the frontline of border security.

To ensure we can follow the trail of criminals as they cross the globe, we need to maintain close coordination with a wide range of stakeholders across many different sectors, improving data-sharing capabilities and honing border management expertise in the field.

INTERPOL’s Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF) is the linchpin. It draws upon expertise across internal departments as well as from international partners to offer assistance to member countries to enhance their own border security and, most importantly, integrate their efforts with those of their neighbours and the international community.

IBMTF supports law enforcement officers working at the frontline of border security by:

  • Running operations at air, land, and sea border points during which it provides access to INTERPOL databases that are not regularly available and focusing enforcement efforts on certain crime areas.
  • Delivering capacity building training courses related to crime areas often seen at border points.
  • Improving worldwide border management policy through direct and indirect partnership with member countries and international organizations.

Border management is a global issue

We partner with other major international organizations to share data and where appropriate organize joint operations. Among our partners are:

Training frontline officers

We run training and capacity building programmes to assist our member countries in improving their border security procedures and skills.

Training courses on basic security measures and crime-specific skills are consolidated through real-time operations designed to put those skills into practice.

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