INTERPOL Cooperation Against ‘Ndrangheta (I-CAN)

Disrupting ‘Ndrangheta global networks

The hidden threat of mafia infiltration

The ‘Ndrangheta is one of the most extensive and powerful criminal organizations in the world.

Originating in the Italian region of Calabria, it has expanded around the world and continues to grow at a steady rate. Today, the ‘Ndrangheta is considered the only Italian mafia organization present on every world continent.


The insidious spread of mafia-type crime poses a unique and urgent threat, as strong family ties and corrupt political and business practices allow it to penetrate all areas of economic life.

Driven by power and influence, the ‘Ndrangheta is involved in a wide range of criminal activities, from drug trafficking and money laundering to extortion and the rigging of public contracts. These enormous illegal profits are then reinvested into regular companies, further strengthening the organization’s hold and polluting the legal economy.

“I-CAN is about building a global early warning system against an invisible enemy.” Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General

Coordinating a multilateral response

I-CAN is a three-year (2020-2023) initiative bringing together selected countries for a new level of multilateral police cooperation to combat the ‘Ndrangheta.

It coordinates an international law enforcement approach by leveraging INTERPOL’s capabilities and analytical tools to share expertise, intelligence and best practices.


Funded by the Italian Department of Public Security, the project raises global awareness and understanding about the ‘Ndrangheta and their modus operandi, turning intelligence into arrests and dismantling their networks and operations. I-CAN is built around three key pillars:

  • Content − Building on Italy’s direct experience and knowledge of the threat posed by ‘Ndrangheta, its structure and how it operates.
  • Access − Making this vital policing information available to targeted countries in real-time, in order to pinpoint patterns, trends and potential targets for law enforcement.
  • Action − Coordinating joint investigations with national law enforcement agencies to identify fugitives and arrest individuals wanted in connection with ‘Ndrangheta-linked activities.
“We need a global approach to combat a worldwide threat. With INTERPOL, we have promoted a targeted project that will help eradicate the ‘Ndrangheta.” Prefect Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Director General of Public Security; Central Director of the Italian Criminal Police

I-CAN Global Focal Points Meeting (Rome, Italy)

14 to 16 November 2022

Over 80 participants including analysts, investigators and prosecutors will gather in Rome to discuss ways to combat the Ndrangheta and promote international cooperation. The meeting will raise awareness of future perspectives and regional needs as well as country experiences. Central to this meeting is the discussion on challenges and solutions in investigating and prosecuting the 'Ndrangheta.

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