Application form to access INTERPOL’s Works of Art Database


Applications to use INTERPOL’s database on stolen works of art must be made by contacting the Cultural heritage unit.

Applications may be vetted through the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in your country, and the General Secretariat reserves the right to forward your personal data to the relevant NCB for this purpose. Access rights following your application will not be immediate.

The access rights to the database can be terminated at the discretion of the General Secretariat without prior notification. Connection data may be used for law enforcement purposes.

This database contains information provided by our NCBs and other authorized entities, which remain the owners of the information. INTERPOL cannot guarantee the accuracy and validity of the data provided, which must be confirmed by the owner of the information prior to any use.

For this confirmation, law enforcement entities should contact their NCB, international organizations should contact the INTERPOL General Secretariat, and all other entities including private sector and individuals should contact your local police authorities or the INTERPOL General Secretariat.

The fact that an item is not included in this database does not mean that it is not stolen.

An object may have been stolen, but is not included in the database for one of the following reasons:

  • It has not yet been reported as stolen to the police;
  • The theft report has not yet been received at INTERPOL through official channels;
  • The object has not yet been entered into the database;
  • Searches for the object are being carried out at national level only;
  • The object has been looted from an archaeological site and is not known to the police.

We therefore encourage users to interpret database results with caution as an object may have been stolen, even if it does not appear in the INTERPOL database.

INTERPOL is not responsible for any potential damages incurred by the users of the database.

Access to the database does not include any reproduction rights. The copyright lies with the owners of the information.