Project Energia

Identifying and profiling performance-enhancing drugs.


Project Energia helps countries to understand and combat the trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs by providing relevant and up-to-date criminal analysis.

Project Energia collates information on:

  • Supply and demand for performance-enhancing drugs through online research, focusing on sales and distribution sites and consumer forums;
  • Seized products forwarded by the countries participating in the project.

This information is examined in order to:

  • Identify criminal networks (drug production labs and distribution networks) and their modus operandi;
  • Determine the main threats on which to focus law enforcement efforts;
  • Foster the exchange of information between law enforcement services and harmonize their action;
  • Uncover connections between trafficking in performance-enhancing drugs (PED), pharmaceutical products and narcotics, and the criminal organizations present in sports.
What data do police collect?
We collate a range of information about performance-enhancing drugs collected by police in member countries.




Project Energia is developed with the support of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The School of Criminal Science at the University of Lausanne (ESC-UNIL) in Switzerland supports the project through its expertise in cybercrime, and intelligence and forensic analysis, especially chemical and physical profiling.