Finishing your studies and want some international experience?

INTERPOL offers a range of internships across both policing and support services. This is a great opportunity to get work experience in an international organization and understand how international police cooperation works.

Internships can be in our policing services for those of you who are interested in security and crime matters. We also offer internships across our support services, from communications and strategic planning to human resources.

How do I apply?

Only applications submitted in response to specific internship vacancies will be considered. Candidates should apply through the online Talentlink platform accessed from each vacancy announcement. Please include a cover letter including:

  • Your motivation to join the INTERPOL internship programme;
  • Your interest in and your assets for the specific internship you are applying for;
  • Your expectations for this internship.
Who can be an intern at INTERPOL?

To do an internship at INTERPOL, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in, or have graduated from, a post-secondary accredited academic institution within the past one year on the date of submission of their application;
  • Be a national of one of INTERPOL’s member countries;
  • Have attained the legal age of majority in their country of nationality;
  • Be fluent in English.
  • Meet the requirements indicated for each specific internship opening for which they wish to apply.
Conditions of internships

Duty station

Most of our internship opportunities are based in our Lyon headquarters in France, but there are some opportunities in our other duty stations. The duty station of each internship is indicated in the vacancy notice.


The length of an internship depends on the needs of the hiring service and is indicated in each vacancy notice. It varies from a minimum of six to a maximum of 11 months.


Interns receive a monthly allowance of 550 euros, which is prorated according to the number of days worked.


All costs related to the recruitment process and subsequent travel, insurance, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by the intern.

Security clearance

A confidentiality vetting inquiry will be carried out prior to confirming any selection. If selected, you must produce a certificate of non-criminal records from your country of nationality and from any other country where you have lived for more than 12 months in the past five years.


Interns are responsible for obtaining and financing the necessary visas. INTERPOL will provide you with the necessary documents.

Medical insurance

Interns are responsible for medical costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the internship and must provide a medical insurance certificate, covering in case of illness and death, valid for the duration of the internship prior to starting.


You must be discreet and keep confidential any and all unpublished information obtained during the course of the internship and may not publish any documents based on such information.

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