Relocating to Lyon

All you need to know about moving to Lyon to work for us.
Do I need a visa to work in France?

EU citizens do not require a visa to work in France.

Non-EU citizens, spouses and children moving to France to take up a position at INTERPOL will need a specific D visa Pro MAE or a VLST visa. Our Recruitment Unit will assist you in this process.

Non-EU citizens already residing in France and holding a Resident card from the local authorities will not need a visa.

What documents should I bring to France?
  • Birth certificate, also for your spouse and children (if applicable), and official translations in French
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Driver’s license
  • Vaccination records, also for your spouse and children (if applicable),
  • Medical records, if you have any specific health condition
  • Copies of children’s school records (if applicable)
  • If bringing your own vehicle: European certificate of Conformity of your car and copy of its purchase invoice – bill of lading if applicable  (in order to register your vehicle in France)  
  • No claim certificate(s) from your present and/or previous car insurer(s) (in order to obtain the best rate if you plan to own or to bring a vehicle in France).
How do I find a place to live?

The housing market in Lyon moves quickly. Apartments are advertised and rented on a weekly first-come, first-served basis, and you need to be in Lyon to view and sign the contract. Our Relocation Unit will help you find a place to live and recommends starting the search one week before your start date. We will assist you to find temporary accommodation while you look for your apartment.

How can I open a bank account?

It is important to open a bank account as soon as possible upon arrival in Lyon. The Relocation Unit can help you establish initial contact with the bank of your choice. Some banks may allow you to use the address of the Relocation Unit while you look for permanent accommodation.

How can I enrol my children in school?

Public schools: A place at a public school is guaranteed, but it may not be your first choice of school, and priority is given to those residing in the local catchment area. For children who do not have the equivalent level of French, a special class is available to bring them up to level. Applications are done through the local Town Hall (Mairie). Our Relocation Unit will assist you with this.

To enrol, you will need to provide original versions of birth certificate, health records, proof of identity, previous education records, as well as your new rental agreement and employment certificate. Relocation Unit will be able to provide you with this.

Private school: The enrolment in private school is not dependent on the place of residence. However, most private schools in Lyon have a waiting list and we cannot guarantee they will have places available. You will need to contact each school yourself to make the necessary arrangements.

For further information on the French education system and International schooling In Lyon please see the Guide for International Schools in Lyon.