Innovation in policing: Dubai police perspective

16 November 2018

Dubai, 18-21 November 2017

This week, chiefs of police and security experts from around the world are gathering at the 87th session of the INTERPOL General Assembly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to address a range of global security issues.

87th session of the General Assembly

Of particular interest to law enforcement leaders is how innovation can best be leveraged to detect, prevent and investigate international crime – this is why an entire day of its General Assembly will be dedicated to innovation in policing. Cooperation in combating terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime will also be high on the agenda during the four-day conference.

Below is a perspective from the Commander in Chief of the Dubai Police.

Dubai hosts INTERPOL General Assembly with a focus on police innovation

In its Vision 2021 strategic plan, the Dubai government defines three priorities for its police force: security, communication and innovation. These three words have become my police force’s motto.

The technological evolutions of our world today are moving so fast that it is vital for police chiefs to have the teams in place to propose new solutions to face crime challenges more effectively.

Cooperation with INTERPOL is the first step forward in that direction. The Dubai Police is looking forward to hosting this prestigious event.

Dubai police: a new era of policing

Because police innovation is fundamental to the way the Dubai police works today, teams are constantly on the lookout for new methods to improve the services we provide the people of Dubai. We are putting in place smart police stations where people can digitally report a crime or pay a speeding fine in any of six languages. The first station was opened at City Walk Dubai, and others are operational in most shopping malls, some with drivethrough functionalities.

We will speed up emergency response times and reduce the level of human error in locating the site of an accident by fitting police vehicles with an integrated e-call system. This allows for voice calls and vehicle data to be transmitted directly to police response centres in the event of an accident.

Police robots with touch buttons already patrol some of the malls and streets of Dubai, allowing people to interact with Dubai police remotely. One of our current projects involves a smart glove that understands the sign language movements of deaf users and translates them into Arabic on a computer screen.

Our police vehicle fleet comprises smart motorbikes with video and photograph cameras which capture images of speeding vehicles. Electric hover surfs that can fly at a height of five metres can be used to allow officers to respond to emergencies.

Artificial intelligence: the way forward

In the digital world, all data – from information to ideas to behaviour – can be stored, analyzed and shared on a mass scale. Criminals increasingly are seeking that data as a means to make money.

The Dubai Police has made artificial intelligence and robotics integral parts of its Vision 2021. Fighting national and regional crime through innovative global policing is a cornerstone of the General Assembly this year and one which the Dubai Police intends to put to good use in paving its own, innovative way forward.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all those involved in the General Assembly, and wish you an excellent stay in Dubai.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri
Commander in Chief of the Dubai Police

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