INTERPOL Innovation Centre

A breeding ground for the latest tools and research

Our Innovation Centre is based in our Singapore office and aims to research, develop and implement the latest tools and approaches to fight international crime. It brings together academics, analysts, law enforcement officers and specialists in technology.

The centre focuses on the following areas:

  • Foresight: anticipating challenges, devising fresh strategies and shaping the way law enforcement needs to be structured;
  • New technologies: understanding their impact on crime and helping law enforcement to leverage technological advances for their own benefit;
  • Policy: setting global policing standards based on member country needs;
  • Concrete deliverables: Delivering technical solutions (such as digital forensics) to member countries based on their immediate needs.
Innovation for Police - Spectrum of technologies and the implications of each one  as a threat, a tool for law enforcement and a source of evidence.

By identifying the best of what our global network has to offer, and making it available to the world’s police, we can reduce duplication of effort and keep police up to date on new developments they may otherwise not know about.