INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium

The symposium addresses the challenges facing law enforcement in firearm-related crime.

Organized jointly by INTERPOL and Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, the INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS) brings together ballistic experts, forensic scientists, law enforcement professionals, public safety administrators, policy makers and national agency directors from INTERPOL member countries.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • review national and international trends in firearm violence;
  • explore advances in firearm forensics analysis and investigations;
  • recommend international best practices to combat the threat of firearm crimes.

Through panels, workshops and talks, the symposium encourages participants to use INTERPOL as a central intelligence hub for firearm-related crime, and demonstrates the particular value of the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN).

IBIN is a unique global tool that enables the cross-comparison of ballistics imaging and generates intelligence to help prevent, investigate and solve firearms-related crimes.

Virtual event, 2021

The 2021 INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS) was held virtually from 4 to 6 May.  Around 500 participants from 100 countries took part.

Through interactive sessions, participants explored the fundamental processes and technologies required for a successful firearms programme, including:

  • Building sustainable crime-gun strategies;
  • The benefits of using multiple technologies to gather, intercept, trace, and compare illicit firearms material;
  • Understanding offenders and how they interact.

Previous editions of the symposium were held in: