INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium

The symposium addresses the challenges facing law enforcement in firearm-related crime.

Organized jointly by INTERPOL and Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, the INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS) brings together ballistic experts, forensic scientists, law enforcement professionals, public safety administrators, policy makers and national agency directors from INTERPOL member countries.

Virtual event, 2021

The 2021 INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS) will be held virtually from 4 to 6 May 2021. Interpretation will be available for INTERPOL’s official languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Registration has now closed.  

Available event seats will be distributed based on geographical and law enforcement agency representation. Please note that symposium recordings will be shared as soon as they are available.

For further information and updates, including the agenda please visit

October 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia

This conference focused on how advanced intelligence on gun crime is quickly becoming indispensable for effective law enforcement. International experts discussed the following topics:

  • Best practices for the extraction and interpretation of evidence;
  • Criminal laws in various jurisdictions and their impact on investigations;
  • Efficient use of lead generation, analysis, and reporting technologies.

In addition, experts shared lessons learned following recent terrorist attacks in Europe and other parts of the world.

7-9 October 2015, Singapore

This conference discussed the ways in which intelligence on gun crime can be leveraged with the aim of preserving peace through justice. Each day of the symposium focused on a different stage of firearm-related investigations:

  • Respond and collect data
  • Extract and analyse evidence
  • Pursue and apprehend criminals.

The meeting also:

  • Reviewed national and international trends in firearm violence;
  • Explored advances in firearm forensics analysis and investigations;
  • Recommended international best practices to combat the threat of firearm crimes.

In addition, training sessions and workshops were held for both users and administrators on the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN).

12-15 May 2013, Montreal, Canada

This meeting brought together nearly 300 professionals, academics and policy makers from more than 70 countries.
The event reviewed national and international trends in firearms violence, explored advances in firearm forensics analysis and investigations, and recommended international best practices to combat the threat of firearm crimes.
The agenda included a presentation of the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN), along with training sessions and workshops.