Our role in fighting drug trafficking

Supporting global collaboration to tackle widescale drug trafficking

We assist national, regional and international law enforcement bodies to counter the illicit production, trafficking and abuse of drugs in the following ways:

  • Global operations against drug trafficking and assistance to ongoing investigations;
  • Criminal analysis of intelligence on drug trafficking routes, modus operandi and the criminal networks involved;
  • Comprehensive training for police worldwide to better tackle drug trafficking


We coordinate global operations to support our member countries in combatting illicit drug flows. Our operational working meetings serve as a platform for officers worldwide to exchange information on cases where we have identified common links.


Ensuring police worldwide have the knowledge and skills to prevent, investigate and disrupt drug trafficking is a key part of our drug strategy.

Training can be combined with operational support to assist member countries in planning and executive on-the-ground operations against drug trafficking. For example, we often train law enforcement officers in the use of police tools such as the RELIEF database as well as investigation techniques and crime scene management.