INTERPOL’s principal source of funding is the annual statutory contribution provided by each of the Organization’s 192 member countries. Member countries may also make additional contributions on a voluntary basis, which may be monetary or in-kind.

These member-country contributions, together with other miscellaneous income, form what we call the Regular Budget of the Organization.

Additional resources may also be provided by different donors for pre-determined activities. This external funding is managed separately in a Trust Fund and Special Accounts.

Together, the Regular Budget and the Trust Fund and Special Accounts form the Organization’s Consolidated Budget.

Financial framework and reporting

INTERPOL’s financial management is governed by our legal framework: the Constitution, General Regulations and Financial Regulations.

We produce annual financial statements in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards that are subject to independent external audit. Our current external auditors are the Office of the Auditor General of Canada.

Breakdown of funding 2016

For the year 2016, INTERPOL’s consolidated budget income amounted to EUR 113.7 million, including in-kind contributions. This comprises:

  • Regular Budget – member country statutory contributions: EUR 54 million
  • Regular Budget – other contributions: EUR 37.2 million
  • Trust Fund and Special Account contributions: EUR 22.5 million