Fallen police officers: INTERPOL marks international day of remembrance

7 March 2019
Every year, thousands of police officers are injured in the line of duty, and many pay the ultimate price in the service of their fellow citizens and the cause of justice.

LYON, France – Serving and protecting communities from crime is a unifying force across borders, languages and cultures. Yet it often comes at a heavy cost for police officers and their families.

On this day, 7 March, INTERPOL calls upon the global policing community to gather in solidarity and pay tribute to those police officers worldwide who have given their lives in the name of public safety, in observance of the first official International Day of Remembrance for Fallen Police Officers.

As the world’s largest police organization, and on behalf of the international policing community in its 194 member countries, INTERPOL has designated the international day of remembrance to allow countries across the world to pause and honour their fallen police officers.

Speaking at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, Secretary General Jürgen Stock said: “Serving the cause of law enforcement is a dangerous occupation undertaken by dedicated men and women across all continents.”

“As first responders, police officers run towards danger, their uniforms standing as a symbol of hope.”

“By placing public service above their own safety, the actions of these brave police officers are a permanent reminder that there is no greater calling we can answer than to make the world safe for future generations,” added the INTERPOL Chief.

In March 2018, INTERPOL unveiled memorials at both its General Secretariat and its Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore to commemorate the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.