Asian organized crime

Asian organized crime syndicates are behind many serious crimes whose impact is felt on a global level.

Combatting a complex Asian network

The criminal activities of Asian organized crime syndicates are not limited to Asia itself but are carried out in countries all over the world.

At INTERPOL, we run a project known as AOC (Asian Organized Crime) that works to combat these complex and pervasive crime networks.

Major activities of these criminal gangs include:

  • illegal gambling
  • extortion
  • kidnapping
  • drug trafficking
  • human smuggling
  • money laundering

The project provides a forum in which law enforcement agencies across the entire globe can share intelligence and experience.

The Asia-Pacific Expert Group on Organized Crime meets regularly to exchange information on updated crime trends and modus operandi, and to steer joint operations.

Illegal football gambling

Operation SOGA is an ongoing operation coordinated by INTERPOL, which aims to identify and dismantle the international networks behind illegal soccer gambling.

The operation also has an impact on other crimes such as corruption, money laundering and prostitution as the same networks are connected to all these activities.