2022: the year in review

23 December 2022
Highlights from the past 12 months

The year 2022 saw many successes around the world for INTERPOL’s membership. These were made possible by the combined efforts of our National Central Bureaus, law enforcement agencies in our 195 member countries, partners, stakeholders and donors. All of these activities were supported by the ongoing commitment of our President, Executive Committee members, and staff at our General Secretariat, Regional Bureaus and liaison offices.

Law enforcement highlights

This year, our databases saw more than 1.3 million hits, getting crucial information to where it matters most: the frontlines. Through dozens of global operations, we shared leads, targeted fugitives and coordinated police actions. Officers around the world seized drugs, firearms, illicit goods and cash. Used intelligence from one country to arrest criminals in another. Brought closure and justice to victims.

Projects and partnerships

Sharing expertise, technology and resources, is vital to fighting international crime. Thanks to the support of our partners and donors, this year we ran operations, trained thousands of officers, equipped member countries, reinforced our databases and systems, gathered experts, and raised awareness to keep people safe. Because no individual, no country, no organization can do it alone.

INTERPOL on the international stage

As the voice of global law enforcement, INTERPOL represents police in the international arena. We have both the responsibility and the opportunity to coordinate among different players to strengthen the global security architecture. Throughout 2022, we continued to champion the cause of policing at the highest level with political decision-makers, international organizations, and regional bodies. We will continue to develop strategic engagements that will ultimately benefit officers at the frontline. Together, we can drive change to make the world a safer place.

Investing in the future

To fight tomorrow’s crimes we need tomorrow’s technology, and tomorrow’s people. In 2022 we worked to keep our defences high against emerging threats. We launched the first ever global police Metaverse to help police make sense of a new world where physical and virtual reality are merged. We expanded our Global Academy network to train more police. We prioritized diversity in all its forms and invested in the next generation of police leaders. Now, we’re looking ahead to 2023, our centenary year, and beyond.