INTERPOL’s secure, intelligent platform for enhanced criminal analysis

Data is at the heart of international policing. When the right data is in the right hands, it can give law enforcement a comprehensive global picture of crime trends to help them tackle emerging crimes more effectively.

But in our increasingly digital society, the ever-growing volume of available data can be overwhelming.

Timely, Actionable Intelligence

Project INSIGHT is implementing a secure, intelligent and scalable platform that addresses big data challenges.

It will allow INTERPOL to collect, store, process, analyse, and interpret vast quantities of data from multiple sources and in different formats quickly and efficiently. These include databases and analysis files, notices and diffusions, free text information, police reports, images and videos.

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, INSIGHT will enable INTERPOL’s criminal intelligence analysts to detect hidden connections, crime patterns and trends more rapidly.

This means they will be able to provide member countries with timely and actionable intelligence that furthers their investigations, flags subjects of interest, reveals modus operandi, and fosters greater police cooperation globally.

The INSIGHT platform will put into the hands of its users a powerful set of tools to generate and disseminate advanced analytical products to support investigations and decision-making.

It will leverage cutting-edge analytics with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, entity recognition and matching, machine learning, and process automation to handle the ever-growing volumes and varieties of data generated in today’s law enforcement investigations.

At all times, it will operate responsibly and within INTERPOL’s rules, guidelines and policies on the use of data.

Phased Roll-Out

This large-scale, complex project is being implemented in several stages.

Phase One (minimum viable platform) – 2021

The first phase of the development of the INSIGHT platform was launched in June 2020 with an enhanced level of connected data sources, outputs and insights.

  • Data sources – all priority internal INTERPOL data sources;
  • INSIGHT tools and techniques – entity identification and extraction, translation, network and geographical analysis;
  • Output – enhanced operational and strategic analysis.

Phase Two (enhanced platform) – 2022-2023

The second phase of development of the INSIGHT platform will expand the scope and functionalities in order to provide more in-depth analysis to member countries.

  • Data sources – additional sources and types of data
  • INSIGHT tools and techniques – exploitation of larger and more complex datasets, augmenting features and functionalities by integrating even more modern technologies
  • Output – advanced analytics.

Phase Three (target platform) – 2024-2026

In the final phase, the platform will reach its full capability, incorporating all internal and relevant external data sources and advanced technologies to offer the highest quality of analytical products possible.

  • Data sources – all internal sources, external sources such as commercial databases, etc.
  • INSIGHT tools and techniques – visual, video, audio recognition, facial and bio-data matching; continuous improvement of the implemented modern technologies.
  • Output – advanced and predictive analytics.

Ultimately, the new INSIGHT platform will mean that INTERPOL can provide its member countries with the best support for their investigations in a world where organized criminal networks cross borders, span the physical-digital divide, and exploit advanced technologies to both further and hide their activities.

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