Region: Asia / South Pacific
National Central Bureau: Suva
Member since: 6 September 1971
How INTERPOL supports Fiji to tackle international crime.

Tackling transnational crime in the South Pacific

The isolated nature of the Pacific islands, their sparse population and geographic positioning between the Americas and Asia is making the region increasingly attractive to organized crime groups seeking to smuggle drugs, people, guns and money.

The South Pacific’s rich land and maritime biodiversity has also created a market for wildlife traffickers who use the vast waterways to smuggle protected flora and fauna to markets all over the world.

The international characteristics of these crimes and their links with organized crime networks around the world mean the role of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Suva is crucial to maintaining Fiji’s national security and keeping the region safe.


Identifying, investigating and preventing the organized crime groups behind these crime areas is a high priority for NCB Suva, whose work focuses principally on drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal wildlife trade.

By providing globally sourced intelligence about regional organized crime, the NCB helps police officers across Fiji detect and investigate the flow of illicit goods along land and maritime trafficking routes in and around the country.

National law enforcement services in Fiji

NCB Suva is the exclusive platform for international investigations involving Fiji. It is part of the Fiji National Police Intelligence Bureau, which sits structurally in Fiji’s Ministry of Defense, National Security, Disaster Management and Immigration.  

The Head of NCB answers to the Commissioner of Police through the Intelligence Bureau Director. NCB Suva is staffed by six Fiji Police Force officials who work closely with other national law enforcement agencies.

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