Policing with a gender perspective

9 June 2023
INTERPOL releases centenary compendium outlining initiatives from around the world

SINGAPORE – Tailored tactical equipment. Mentoring programmes. All-women police stations. For decades, law enforcement agencies have innovated and evolved to ensure that their forces meet the specific needs of communities.

To mark INTERPOL’s 100th anniversary, the Organization’s Capacity Building and Training Directorate has released a compendium entitled Policing with a gender perspective: Law enforcement initiatives from around the world, reflecting on global efforts towards greater gender inclusivity.

Through contributions from nearly 50 countries, regional organizations and the INTERPOL General Secretariat, the compendium explores how police forces today are:

  • Working to increase women across all areas of policing
  • Creating institutional mechanisms for reform
  • Mentoring and supporting diverse future generations of police leaders
  • Considering the gendered dynamics of crime

Various stages of progress

The initiatives outlined in the compendium are a true reflection of INTERPOL’s membership, highlighting a wide range of efforts on a path to lasting institutional change.

From specific training courses to inclusion in rapid response teams, awareness campaigns and programmes addressing gender-based violence, countries have shown there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to achieving representation.

Republic of Korea
South Africa
Canada - Republic of Korea
Bolivia - Estonia

We are all agents for change

“For law enforcement, gender diversity is essential in understanding the needs of the community it serves,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

“This compendium provides a snapshot of diversity across our global membership, showing a range of possibilities and initiatives, hopefully inspiring more women to consider a career in policing.

“The drive towards greater representation and equity remains a work in progress, and INTERPOL is committed to achieving this, within our Organization and across our 195 member countries,” concluded Secretary General Stock.

With men currently occupying the majority of management positions in law enforcement agencies, they are unquestionably key agents of change. With this in mind, the compendium highlights how men can also help make gender equality the new normal.

Policing with a gender perspective reflects on global efforts towards greater gender inclusivity.

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