INTERPOL gains international accreditation for data protection

28 July 2004

INTERPOL has recently created a new section in its website for the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF). The Commission is an independent body, whose existence and role are enshrined in the Organization's basic texts. Its remit is threefold: it is responsible for dealing with requests for access to INTERPOL's files, supervising INTERPOL's application of data protection rules, and advising the Organization on any procedures or rules on the processing of personal information. The CCF therefore has unrestricted access to the Organization's files.

In September 2003, the CCF was accredited at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Sydney. This recognition is proof that INTERPOL's data protection rules comply with international standards.

The Organization provides the CCF with assistance in the exercise of its remit. The effective operation of the Commission is dependent upon reciprocal co-operation with the General Secretariat, which must be carried out without affecting the Commission's independence. But the Commission's effectiveness for INTERPOL and international police co-operation is also closely linked to co-operation with the National Central Bureaus.

This dynamic interaction is an important element in guaranteeing the quality of information processed via INTERPOL channels and hence the effectiveness of international police co-operation.