International support

Major Crimes

Specialized personnel can be sent at short notice to assist a member country faced with a major or serious police issue. The Incident Response Team provides specific police expertise and investigative support to police.

Manmade/Natural Disaster Areas

An Incident Response Team (IRT) can be deployed if there is natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake. A natural disaster can sometimes overwhelm a country's police force and often they are not used to dealing with the problems that a disaster brings. INTERPOL's IRTs can assist national police forces and bring much needed expertise and experience.

Major Events

A major event like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics requires a lot of planning – think of all the people that travel to the country to watch! The police often need extra help when these events are on. INTERPOL Major Events Support Teams (IMESTs) are sent to assist with security planning and with policing the events.

About International Support

INTERPOL has very highly trained staff. When there is a major incident that requires specialized help, such as a natural disaster or a police investigation, a member country can request help from INTERPOL.

INTERPOL can send two types of teams to deal with special situations: Incident Response Teams (IRTs) and INTERPOL Major Events Support Teams (IMESTs).