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Law enforcement services in Israel are provided by the Israel Police, the national police force created in 1948.  The force is part of the Ministry of Public Security, which is also responsible for Prison Services, the Anti-Drug Authority, and the Witness Protection Authority.

The Israel Police is headed by a Commissioner of Police who is appointed by the government upon recommendation of the Minister of Public Security.

The Israel Police is made up of seven territorial districts, Border Police, and seven departments each with distinct policing responsibilities. The force is made up of approximately 27,000 officers.


  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • Arrest criminals and bring them to trial;
  • Maintain public order;
  • Protect life and property;
  • Protect prisoners;
  • Control traffic and promote road safety;
  • Maintain national security and fight terrorism.

INTERPOL Jerusalem

Located at the Police Headquarters, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Israel is part of the Intelligence Branch of the Investigations and Intelligence Department. The NCB is responsible for the development and maintenance of operational and intelligence relations with law enforcement partners worldwide.


  • Supervision of Israel Police Attachés stationed abroad;
  • Coordination of economic crime policing:
    • money laundering;
    • asset forfeiture;
    • organized crime;
  • Coordination of cross-district operations targeting organized crime;
  • Operational coordination with the ports and customs authority for the prevention of drug importation;
  • Working relations with the INTERPOL General Secretariat and member countries;
  • Cooperation with foreign police attachés, diplomatic corps and international organizations;
  • Development of training programmes in the areas of economic crime, organized crime and drug offences.

INTERPOL Jerusalem is responsible for the daily exchange of information between the Israel Police and all INTERPOL member countries.  Its main areas of duty include:

  • Fugitives;
  • Extraditions;
  • Serious crime;
  • Fraud;
  • Drug trafficking;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Theft;
  • Forgery;
  • Hooliganism;
  • Missing persons;
  • Trafficking of human beings;
  • Crime statistics;
  • Provision of information to:
    • foreign police attachés in Israel;
    • foreign diplomatic corps;
    • international organizations in Israel.

International outreach

The International Relations Unit (IRU) of the Ministry of Public Security is responsible for managing and developing the Ministry’s working relationship with overseas counterparts.  Its areas of activity include:

  • International aid and training assistance (for example, terrorism, drugs, organized crime, vehicle theft) in coordination with the Israel Police IRU;
  • Coordination of foreign VIP visits to Israel, or of Israeli VIP official visits abroad;
  • International agreements, treaties and memoranda in the law enforcement and corrections sphere;
  • Official contact with international agencies, such as the United Nations, Amnesty International and the International Red Cross.
INTERPOL Jerusalem in action
15 octobre 2018

Wildlife crime: experts recommend an integrated global response

LONDON, United Kingdom - An INTERPOL working meeting to define global strategy and coordinated action in tackling wildlife crime has closed in London with a call to boost multi-sector cooperation via INTERPOL.INTERPOL’s 29th Wildlife Crime Working Group meeting brought together 170 experts from wildlife and park authorities in 45 countries to pave the way...
28 juillet 2016

More than 2,700 human trafficking victims rescued in INTERPOL-coordinated operation

An operation targeting human trafficking in South and Central America has resulted in the rescue of more than 2,700 victims, 134 arrests and the dismantling of at least seven organized crime networks.Coordinated by INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau for South America, Operation Intercops - Spartacus III was conducted in two parts, initially concentrating on three...
09 juin 2016

La vente en ligne de faux médicaments et de produits de contrefaçon ciblée par une opération d’INTERPOL

LYON (France) – Faux médicaments anticancéreux, tests de dépistage du VIH ou du diabète non conformes aux normes, matériel dentaire de contrefaçon et matériel chirurgical illicite : voilà un aperçu des médicaments et produits potentiellement mortels saisis lors de l’opération Pangea IX d’INTERPOL.Cette opération, qui ciblait la vente en ligne illicite de...

European Regional Conference 2012

41st European Regional Conference
08-10 May 2012
Tel Aviv, Israel

Red Notices 1

Age today: 61 years old
Nationality: Israel , France


All wanted persons

Yellow Notices 18

Age today: 64 years old
Nationality: Israel , France


Age today: 32 years old
Nationality: Israel


All Missing persons

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