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Law enforcement services in Tajikistan are provided by the Tajik national police force (called ‘Politsia) which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (VKD). VKD is also responsible for the Presidential National Guard, internal security and border control.

With a strength of 36,000 officers, the Politsia is in charge of:

  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime;
  • Protecting people and property from crime;
  • Preserving peace and maintaining law and order.

With Tajikistan sitting geographically on the intersection of Central Asia’s principal drug trafficking routes, criminal organisations are attracted to Tajik borders for the onward transportation of their illegal merchandise to international markets. In order to face this growing problem, the Tajik government created its Drug Control Agency in 2000 with the mandate to support law enforcement and provide capacity building, policy and legislative advice to strengthen Tajikistan’s fight against drug trafficking.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Tajikistan is a sub-division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Staffed by nearly 20 officials, it is the essential link between Tajik national law enforcement and INTERPOL's international law enforcement community, serving as the contact point for all INTERPOL investigations relating to Tajikistan or requiring action from Tajik police forces.


  • Facilitate criminal investigations, intelligence exchange and joint operations with all INTERPOL member countries;
  • Provide investigative support to the INTERPOL community for international fugitive investigations, and proceed with the location and apprehension of fugitives thought to be taking refuge in Tajikistan;
  • Develop and maintain a working relationship with all law enforcement agencies in Tajikistan;
  • Help keep Tajikistan safe by giving domestic law enforcement partners access to INTERPOL databases via the I-24/7 global police communications system;
  • Share national scientific and technical police expertise for tackling international crime with the INTERPOL community;
  • Populate the INTERPOL databases with criminal information from domestic law enforcement partners.
INTERPOL Dushanbe in action
10 juin 2013

La visite du chef d’INTERPOL au Tadjikistan met en lumière les priorités en matière de sécurité en Asie centrale

Douchanbé (Tadjikistan) – Lors de sa première visite officielle au Tadjikistan, le Secrétaire Général d’INTERPOL, M. Ronald K. Noble, a rencontré le Ministre des Affaires intérieures et Chef de la police du pays, M. Ramazon Rakhimov, afin de passer en revue les défis liés à la sécurité au Tadjikistan et en Asie centrale, et de déterminer comment les...

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