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Singapore Police Force


Law enforcement in Singapore is overseen by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), which centres its activities around crime prevention, deterrence and detection.

Mission: to protect the people who live in Singapore from crime, criminals, terrorism and public disorder.

Vision: to make Singapore the safest country in the world and to ensure the country’s continued security, survival, and success.

Core Values: Courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness

SPF International Cooperation Department

The International Cooperation Department (ICD) leads SPF’s international law enforcement activities. Its mission is to strengthen police cooperation with worldwide strategic partners through a multitude of platforms including the deployment of police attachés, establishment of Memoranda of Understanding, and participation in international and regional law enforcement activities.

INTERPOL Singapore

ICD houses the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Singapore.  The NCB serves as the designated contact point for transnational police cooperation, investigations and operations. It is Singapore’s law enforcement gateway for information exchange, facilitating police cooperation between overseas police forces and domestic agencies.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Committed to a common mission of keeping Singapore safe, SPF is one of the Home Team Departments (HTDs) under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Other HTDs include :

  • Central Narcotics Bureau;
  • Home Team Academy ;
  • Immigration & Checkpoints Authority;
  • Internal Security Department;
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force;
  • Singapore Prison Service.
INTERPOL Singapore in action
17 octobre 2018

Trafic de drogue : 55 tonnes de stupéfiants saisies dans le monde entier

LYON (France) – Plus de 55 tonnes de substances et de drogues illicites ont été saisies dans le cadre d’une opération mondiale menée dans 93 pays et coordonnée par INTERPOL.L’opération Lionfish (17 septembre - 8 octobre) a conduit à l’arrestation de 1 300 suspects et à la saisie de plus de 35 tonnes de cocaïne, de 5 tonnes d’héroïne, de 15 tonnes de canna...
17 août 2018

Illegal gambling: raids and arrests across Asia in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France – Thousands of raids have been undertaken and suspects arrested in an INTERPOL-led operation against illegal gambling conducted throughout Asia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Operation SOGA VII (short for soccer gambling) saw more than 14,900 raids at illegal gambling dens across China – including Hong Kong and Macao – Malaysia, Thailand and...
21 mars 2018

INTERPOL operation in Southeast Asia targets movement of bomb-makers

SINGAPORE – Preventing the cross-border movement of bomb-makers and undocumented precursor chemical materials used to manufacture bombs was the focus of an operation coordinated by INTERPOL across Southeast Asia.Operation Watchmaker saw some 35,000 passengers and more than 270,000 luggage, cargo and vehicles checked across Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phil...
08 mars 2018

INTERPOL conference highlights role of women leaders in policing

SINGAPORE – There has traditionally been a gender imbalance in law enforcement across Asia, but one INTERPOL project is working to address the challenges faced by women pursuing a career in policing.In Southeast Asia, law enforcement is a predominantly male profession. Even in countries around the world with a higher proportion of female law enforcement o...
04 juillet 2017

INTERPOL World : relier les polices et le secteur privé pour un avenir plus sûr

SINGAPOUR – Les défis sécuritaires de demain ne peuvent être relevés que dans le cadre d’une réponse coordonnée entre les secteurs public et privé, axée sur l’innovation – tel est le message clé du congrès INTERPOL World qui s’est ouvert aujourd’hui à Singapour.Les menaces des cybercriminels et l’exploitation des nouvelles technologies ne cessant de prend...
30 mai 2017

New drug trafficking routes and smuggling methods identified in INTERPOL-led operation

SINGAPORE – An INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting drug trafficking across Asia and the Pacific has identified emerging smuggling routes and concealment methods.Operation Lionfish – ASEAN, which involved more than 2,000 police and customs officials across 14 countries, revealed a network of West African and Asian organized crime groups behind traffic...

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