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    16 juin 1965
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Staff of INTERPOL Kuwait at work.

Under the command of the Minister of Interior, Kuwait’s Public Security Force provides law enforcement services to the people of Kuwait.  Created in 1938, it is a national police force in charge of public security and the prevention, detection and investigation of crime.


  • Criminal investigation;
  • Emergency operations;
  • Immigration services;
  • International police cooperation;
  • Identification documents;
  • Incarceration Systems;
  • Law and order;
  • Prosecution;
  • Traffic control.

INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Kuwait

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Kuwait is called the Arab and International Criminal Police Department (AICPD). It is made up of six sections:

  1. International Police
    This unit is Kuwait’s law enforcement connection with INTERPOL member countries and General Secretariat offices worldwide. It is the main law enforcement platform for international investigations involving Kuwait or Kuwaiti citizens. It coordinates Kuwait’s law enforcement action in relation to all categories of INTERPOL Notice, working with other NCBs on fugitive investigations, arrests and extraditions.The unit is also responsible for investigations relating to stolen vehicles and lost and stolen travel documents;
  2. Arab Police
    Coordination of targeted regional law enforcement action with the 22 member countries of the Arab Interior Ministers Council;
  3. Gulf Police
    Coordination of administrative matters relating to Kuwait’s membership of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, a politico-economic union of six member states located in the Gulf region;
  4. Investigations
    Coordination of the operational side of Kuwait’s law enforcement action relating to
    - fugitive investigations;
    - extradition and deportation;
    - seizure of goods acquired through criminal activities;
    - lost or stolen Kuwaiti passports (in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  
  5. Automated Information Search Facility
    This unit performs as Kuwait’s national crime information centre, maintaining a computerized index of criminal justice information, including :
    - criminal record history;
    - stolen property;
    - missing persons;
    - wanted people and fugitives;
    - stolen and lost passports;
    - stolen motor vehicles;
    - victim identification;
    - stolen works of art.
    This unit is also in charge of police information technology systems (maintenance, keeping systems modern, up-dated and state-of-the-art).
  6. Administration
    This administrative section serves police units 1-5 above with comprehensive support services including :
    - human resources;
    - archives;
    - data processing;
    - correspondence.
INTERPOL Kuwait in action
26 juin 2015

INTERPOL offre son soutien plein et entier après les attentats terroristes perpétrés en France, en Tunisie, au Koweït et en Somalie

LYON (France) – INTERPOL a offert son soutien plein et entier aux autorités françaises, tunisiennes, koweïtiennes et somaliennes à la suite de quatre attentats terroristes distincts ayant fait plus de 80 morts et de nombreux blessés.Le Centre de commandement et de coordination (CCC) d’INTERPOL, situé au siège du Secrétariat général et fonctionnant 24 heu...
10 septembre 2014

En reconnaissant officiellement le Document de voyage INTERPOL, le Koweït marque son attachement à la sécurité mondiale

LYON (France) – L’attachement du Koweït à la coopération policière internationale a été mis en évidence par la signature d’un accord officiel reconnaissant le Document de voyage INTERPOL, au siège du Secrétariat général de l’Organisation, à Lyon (France).Le Chef de la police koweïtienne et Sous-secrétaire du ministère de l’Intérieur, le Lieutenant-général...
25 juin 2014

Kuwait requests INTERPOL Purple Notice after fake car parts used to smuggle drugs

LYON, France – The discovery of 20,000 illicit tablets hidden inside fake car parts has led to the issue of an INTERPOL Purple Notice at the request of Kuwait.The Tramadol tablets, which are illegal in Kuwait, were found during an investigation by the General Directorate for Combating Drugs when officers became suspicious of a parcel sent to an Egyptian n...

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Age today: 81 years old
Nationality: Kuwait


Age today: 38 years old
Nationality: Kuwait


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INTERPOL Kuwait seizes 20,000 illegal Tramadol tablets concealed inside fake car parts