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Created in 1877, Iran’s national police force is an independent organization headed by the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces. Its responsibilities include:

  • Border control;
  • Crime fighting;
  • Emergency services;
  • Identity checks;
  • International police cooperation with the INTERPOL community with regard to the arrest and extradition of criminals;
  • Preventing and fighting terrorism;
  • Preventing the production, distribution and trafficking of illicit drugs;
  • Preventing trafficking in human beings and weapons;
  • Public security and peace;
  • Traffic control.

Operational Police Force units:

  • Air Police;
  • Anti-Narcotic Police;
  • Border Guard Police;
  • Cyber Police;
  • Criminal Intelligence Detective Police;
  • Emergency Police Centre;
  • Intelligence and Public Security Police;
  • International Relations and INTERPOL Department;
  • Prevention;
  • Traffic Police.


Part of the International Relations and INTERPOL Department, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Iran is responsible for assisting Iranian investigations requiring international police cooperation and for working with the INTERPOL police community.
Duties include:

  • Locating, identifying, arresting and extraditing fugitives, either located in, or wanted by, Iran;
  • Sharing police information with the INTERPOL community on organized crime, people smuggling, drug trafficking, money laundering, theft and missing people;
  • Issuing clearance certificates for Iranian nationals residing abroad;
  • Tracing, locating and identifying missing Iranians and missing people believed to be in Iran;
  • Tracing and locating stolen works of art either belonging to Iran or believed to be located in Iran;
  • Populating INTERPOL databases with criminal information;
  • Organising and hosting specialized regional and international meetings and conferences for the benefit of Iran and the international law enforcement community.
INTERPOL Tehran in action
10 juillet 2017

Terrorism intelligence shared via INTERPOL’s Project Kalkan strengthens global ‘early warning system’

TEHRAN, Iran – Implementing operational counter-terrorism mechanisms is the focus of an INTERPOL Project Kalkan working group meeting with experts from Central and South Asia, and neighbouring regions.Bringing together more than 70 investigators from 26 countries, the two-day (10 and 11 July) meeting is the latest in a series of specialized exchanges. Sha...
09 juin 2016

La vente en ligne de faux médicaments et de produits de contrefaçon ciblée par une opération d’INTERPOL

LYON (France) – Faux médicaments anticancéreux, tests de dépistage du VIH ou du diabète non conformes aux normes, matériel dentaire de contrefaçon et matériel chirurgical illicite : voilà un aperçu des médicaments et produits potentiellement mortels saisis lors de l’opération Pangea IX d’INTERPOL.Cette opération, qui ciblait la vente en ligne illicite de...

Red Notices 3

Age today: 29 years old
Nationality: Iran


Age today: 54 years old
Nationality: Iran


All wanted persons

Yellow Notices 40

Age today: 38 years old
Nationality: Iran


Age today: 37 years old
Nationality: Iran


All Missing persons

  • 37th INTERPOL General Assembly - 1-8 October 1968 - Tehran

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