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Office of the Commissioner of Police

Office of the Commissioner of Police

“We serve, we protect, we reassure with courtesy, integrity and proper respect for the rights of all”

Vision: to be a high quality, professional and service–oriented organization that is valued and trusted by all Jamaican citizens.

Mission: to serve, protect and reassure the people of Jamaica through the delivery of impartial and professional services aimed at:

  • Maintaining law and order;
  • Protecting life and property;
  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime;
  • Preserving the peace.

Created in 1867, and with a current strength of more than 8,600 officers, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is part of the Ministry of National Security. It has a reserve force called the Island Special Constabulary Force which is in charge of traffic control, emergency services, and can assist the JCF maintain law and order during riots or public events. 

JCF is made up of 45 operational units, including:

  • Bureau of Special Investigations;
  • Centre for Investigations of sexual offences and child abuse;
  • Marine Division;
  • Motorized Patrol;
  • Mounted Troop;
  • Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division;
  • Traffic Headquarters;
  • Canine Division;
  • Band Division;
  • National Intelligence Bureau;
  • Remand Centre;
  • Fraud Squad;
  • Mobile Reserve;
  • Special Operations.


Headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Jamaica is made up of five permanent staff members.   It is part of the Operations and Crime Division, a unit headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police who answers directly to the JCF Commissioner of Police.

Crime priorities:

  • Public safety and terrorism;
  • Trafficking in human beings;
  • Drugs and criminal organizations;
  • Financial and high-tech crime;
  • Fugitive investigative support ;
  • Corruption.

INTERPOL Kingston is the principle platform for Jamaican police investigations requiring international outreach.  On a daily basis, and with a view to fighting transnational crime, the NCB engages in police cooperation activities locally, regionally and internationally.

Enquiries are received from all over the world each day, and generally cover the following fields:

  • Sex offenders;
  • Child abuse & sexual offences;
  • Criminal record checks;
  • Criminal intelligence checks;
  • Fingerprint comparison checks;
  • Migratory records checks;
  • “Safe and Well” checks;
  • Humitarian assistance;
  • Locating and apprehension of persons the subject of an INTERPOL notice;
  • Locating persons wanted as witnesses.

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Nationality: Jamaica


Age today: 60 years old
Nationality: Jamaica


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