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Law enforcement services in Zambia are provided by the Zambia Police Service (ZPS), which is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  Under the command of an Inspector General of Police, ZPS has divisions in each of Zambia’s ten provinces, each with responsibility for their respective police districts, police stations and police posts. ZPS has a total of 24 police districts, 148 police stations and 294 police posts nationwide.

ZPS Mandate:

  • Apprehend offenders;
  • Cooperate with the civilian and security organs;
  • Preserve law and order;
  • Protect life and property;
  • Prevent, detect and prevent crime;
  • Preserve peace.

Headquarters structure:

  • Office of the Inspector General ;
  • Office of the Deputy Inspector General for Administration;
  • Office of the Deputy Inspector General for Special Support;

Five Directorates:

  • Administration;
  • Crime Prevention and Support Services;
  • Criminal Investigation Department;
  • Technical Services;
  • Medical.

17 Zambia Police Divisions:

  • 10 with geographical remit: Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, Northern, North Western, Southern and Western;
  • Seven with specific security remit: State House, School of Public Order and Maintenance, Protective Unit, Paramilitary, Lilayi Police Training School, Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority, Airports.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Zambia sits structurally within the ZPS Criminal Investigation Department.

The detective police officers at INTERPOL Lusaka work at the following NCB crime desks:

  • Economic and Financial Crime;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Illicit Drugs;
  • Intellectual Property Crime;
  • Works of Art Crime;
  • Fugitives and Missing Persons;
  • Motor Vehicle Theft;
  • Precious Stones, Minerals and Metals;
  • Environmental and Wildlife Crime;
  • Human Trafficking;
  • Anti-Terrorism;
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons;
  • Stock Theft.


  • To provide assistance to domestic law enforcement institutions by working with INTERPOL member countries worldwide in investigating, locating, arresting and extraditing wanted criminals;
  • To extend INTERPOL’s criminal databases and intelligence to domestic law enforcement institutions specialized in the NCB’s 13 specialized areas;
  • To invite domestic law enforcement institutions to participate in any regional or international events organised by INTERPOL;
  • To advise, educate and raise awareness on international crime trends. 
INTERPOL Lusaka in action
12 juillet 2016

1 500 policiers engagés dans une opération ciblant les réseaux criminels en Afrique orientale et australe

KENYA/ZIMBABWE – Une opération menée en Afrique orientale et australe contre la criminalité transnationale, notamment la traite d’êtres humains, le trafic de migrants, de drogues et d’armes, le terrorisme, le vol de véhicules et les atteintes à l’environnement a donné lieu à près de 4 500 arrestations.Afin de lutter dans toute la région contre des activit...
09 juin 2016

La vente en ligne de faux médicaments et de produits de contrefaçon ciblée par une opération d’INTERPOL

LYON (France) – Faux médicaments anticancéreux, tests de dépistage du VIH ou du diabète non conformes aux normes, matériel dentaire de contrefaçon et matériel chirurgical illicite : voilà un aperçu des médicaments et produits potentiellement mortels saisis lors de l’opération Pangea IX d’INTERPOL.Cette opération, qui ciblait la vente en ligne illicite de...
04 mai 2016

Organized crime networks behind ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted in East Africa

One man has been arrested and warrants issued for three more individuals in connection with ongoing investigations into two organized crime networks believed to have trafficked at least 8,635 kg of ivory and 53 kg of rhino horn from East and Southern Africa to Asia.   A 44-year-old Chinese national was arrested in Tanzania on suspicion of traffickin...
20 avril 2016

Bringing key INTERPOL players to the forefront of international policing

Nothing illustrates the quality of a service more powerfully than the testimony of its users. With INTERPOL’s 12th annual Heads of National Central Bure...
22 décembre 2015

Le trafic d’ivoire d’éléphant et de corne de rhinocéros cible de l’opération Worthy II sur le continent africain

LYON (France) – Une opération pilotée par INTERPOL contre le trafic d’ivoire en Afrique a abouti à 376 arrestations, à la saisie de 4,5 tonnes d’ivoire d’éléphant et de corne de rhinocéros, et à des enquêtes sur 25 groupes criminels impliqués dans le commerce illicite.L’opération Worthy II s’est déroulée de janvier à octobre, avec le concours des services...
23 février 2015

Zambia hosts INTERPOL training session against wildlife crime

LUSAKA, Zambia – INTERPOL has held a wildlife crime training course to enhance the skills of police and wildlife officials from Malawi and Zambia in effectively enforcing environmental laws.With a keynote address at the opening ceremony by Zambia’s Inspector General of Police, Stella M. Libongani, trainees from Police, Environmental Authorities and Custom...
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