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11 avril 2017

Speaker Identification Integrated Project passes field test

LISBON, Portugal – The first field test of the Speaker Identification Integrated Project (SIIP) successfully demonstrated the system’s innovative capabilities and its use as an international data sharing mechanism.

Based on a fictional scenario involving an international investigation between the Italian Carabinieri and the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária, the SiiP system successfully identified unknown speakers from a research database using key identifiers such as gender, age, language and accent.

More than 130 speaker identification researchers and experts, forensic experts and police investigators from some 40 law enforcement agencies from around the world took part in the field test.

Feedback from the audience included highlighting potential challenges in the future development of the SIIP tool.

The four-year (May 2014 – April 2018) European Union-funded research project is run by an international consortium of 19 partners to develop cutting-edge speaker identification technology to help law enforcement identify voices of unknown individuals.

As a full project partner, INTERPOL focuses on ensuring the speaker identification technology meets the operational needs and requirements of law enforcement.

The legal aspects of the technology and ensuring its compatibility with existing national legislation, INTERPOL’s Rules for the Processing of Data and safeguards for individual privacy are also addressed as part of the project.

For more information about the event or the SIIP project, please visit the project website:

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