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23 septembre 2016

INTERPOL training in Bali targets trafficking of chemical and explosive materials

BALI, Indonesia – Building the capacity of law enforcement in Southeast Asia to target the trafficking of chemical and explosive materials was the focus of a training course in Bali.

Under the framework of INTERPOL’s Chemical Anti-smuggling Enforcement (Chase) Project, the five-day course (19-23 September) also sought to enhance intelligence gathering on individuals suspected of involvement in the manufacture and use of improvised explosive devices.

The course brought together 30 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand representing law enforcement, customs, border forces, immigration and maritime agencies.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, the course used a multi-agency and multinational approach to deliver advanced chemical, explosive and investigative training in order to:

  • Increase understanding of chemical and explosive precursors
  • Crime scene management processes and forensic considerations
  • Understanding how homemade explosives (HME) are manufactured
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Hazardous materials