42nd European Regional Conference

14 May 2013 - 16 May 2013 - Budapest, Hungary

The European Regional Conference is a meeting where policy and strategy matters concerning improvement of police cooperation between the European member states and the crime situation are discussed. Talks are based on preparatory work carried out by the INTERPOL European Committee, the Sub-Directorate for Europe, officials in the General Secretariat, special working groups and on contributions from delegations.

According with the Terms of Reference for INTERPOL Regional Conferences, the European Conference may take decisions which involve the development of activities related to basic matters connected with crime and police strategy in the region. Working groups can be set up on different strategic and operational subjects and they report back to the Conference on their activities. The Conference has no constitutional power to adopt resolutions. Recommendations are submitted to the General Assembly for adoption.

16 mai 2013

INTERPOL meeting strengthens collaboration among European members against international crime

BUDAPEST, Hungary – INTERPOL’s 42nd European Regional Conference has closed with senior law enforcement officials approving a series of measures that will enhance Europe’s ability to develop responses and capacity against crime, and boost regional and international security.Recognizing Europe’s role in advancing security worldwide, 140 delegates from some...
14 mai 2013

Une réunion INTERPOL à Budapest pour orienter la stratégie européenne de collaboration en matière de lutte contre la criminalité transnationale

BUDAPEST (Hongrie) – Les hauts responsables des services chargés de l’application de la loi de toute l’Europe sont réunis à Budapest à l’occasion de la 42ème Conférence régionale européenne d’INTERPOL, afin de renforcer les réponses stratégiques apportées au niveau régional aux menaces contemporaines qui pèsent sur la sécurité internationale.La dimension...