Combating cybercrime with actionable intelligence: INTERPOL’s ASEAN Cyber Capability Desk

24 septembre 2018

SINGAPORE – INTERPOL has launched an initiative to provide member countries in Southeast Asia with support in conducting cyber investigations and operations.

With cybercrime a growing threat across the region, the ASEAN Cyber Capability Desk will assist law enforcement in the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries to enhance their ability to combat cybercrime through a combination of intelligence development, investigative support and operational coordination.

By turning information gathered from member countries and partners in the private security industry worldwide into actionable intelligence, the project will better position police in Southeast Asia to face the latest cyberthreats.

Through the ASEAN Desk, INTERPOL will also assist police across ASEAN with their cyber investigations by acting as a ‘virtual task force’ to connect and enhance communications between all relevant countries, both in Asia and beyond. When investigations lead to one-the-ground action against cybercriminals, INTERPOL can provide operational support and develop plans for multi-jurisdictional operations.

“In our globalized digital era, a cyber aspect is interwoven into all facets of our lives, and unfortunately, also into the actions of criminals. Law enforcement faces tremendous challenges to stay ahead of the new breed of cyber-savvy criminals,” said Takayuki Oku, Acting Director of INTERPOL’s Cybercrime unit.

“The creation of the ASEAN Cyber Capability Desk is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to support the ASEAN region and beyond in the fight against cybercrime,” he concluded.

Although training is not a specific component of the project, the ASEAN Desk will liaise with other INTERPOL units which are providing cybercrime-related training in the region to ensure police have the necessary cybercrime skills.

The project, which is supported by the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs, was presented during the 6th INTERPOL-Europol Cybercrime Conference held in Singapore

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