INTERPOL President Ballestrazzi addresses Arab Police and Security Chiefs in Algeria

11 décembre 2012

ALGIERS, Algeria – Addressing the 36th Conference of Arab Police and Security Chiefs, INTERPOL President Mireille Ballestrazzi said that their constant efforts made a significant contribution to making the world a safer place for all citizens.

On her first official mission since her election last month as INTERPOL President, Madame Ballestrazzi also pointed to the long-standing relationship between the world police body and the General Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council, following the signing of a cooperation agreement in 1999 which reinforces the coordination of initiatives tackling organized crime in the Arab world.

“INTERPOL provides its 190 member countries with a range of tools and services designed to support operational activities in the fight against organized crime and terrorism, key among which are the global databases, accessible to National Central Bureaus and beyond 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said President Ballestrazzi, highlighting that in 2012, Arab countries carried out nearly 15 million searches of INTERPOL’s nominal database and more than 80 million checks against its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database.

The INTERPOL President praised the region’s achievements in combating organized crime and terrorism and said the recent election of Algeria’s Abdelkader Kara Bouhadba, Commissaire Divisionnaire de Police, Directeur de la Police Judiciaire, as Delegate for Africa on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee demonstrated member countries’ confidence in the expertise and experience both of Algeria and its representative in continuing these efforts.