Multi-year programmes

INTERPOL coordinates multi-year programmes designed to enhance the skills of police in different regions to tackle all forms of transnational crime. These programmes typically comprise training, operations and technical assistance.

WAPIS Programme (2012-2022)

ASEAN Cyber Capacity Development (2016-2018)

Project CRIMJUST (2016-2019)

Project Scorpius: Countering terrorism and transnational crime in South and Southeast Asia (2017-2019)

Project Trace: Reinforcing counter-terrorism capacity in ASEAN (2017-2020)

Project Relay: Countering migrant smuggling in South and Southeast Asia

Project Sunbird (2017-2020)

Project ENACT: Enhancing Africa’s response to transnational organized crime (2017-2019)

Cybercrime Capacity Building Project in Latin America and the Caribbean (2015-2017)

Improving counter-terrorism skills in Southeast Asia (2014-2017)

INTERPOL Operation Sunbird 2016

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