Database statistics

We have seen a steady increase in the use of the INTERPOL Stolen Motor Vehicle (SMV) database by member countries, both in terms of the number of records contributed and the number of searches carried out.

The figures at a glance

At the end of December 2017:

  • 7.19 million records of reported stolen motor vehicles;
  • Over 256 million searches of the database during 2015;
  • 126 countries share their national stolen vehicle database records with INTERPOL;
  • Around 118,000 motor vehicles were identified worldwide during the year through the SMV database.

Statistics 2012 – 2017

SMV - Number of records - 2017
SMV - Total Number of searches - 2017
SMV - Number of positive matches - 2017

Geographical spread

Countries uploading their national databases into ASF-SMV


Countries who have searched in ASF-SMV


Countries who have registered hits in ASF-SMV


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