At INTERPOL, we promote concrete law enforcement actions in the field with the ultimate aim of protecting the public from sub-standard and dangerous goods.  We offer an 'interventions package' to support all stages of an investigation from gathering intelligence, planning and implementing an operation, through to legal issues for cases that are brought to court.

On-the-ground operations are run on a national and regional level in order to disrupt transnational criminal networks involved in pharmaceutical crime. Directed at both physical outlets and Internet suppliers, these are multi-agency efforts supported by key scientific partners.

Our flagship operations – Storm (Southeast Asia), Mamba (Eastern Africa) and Pangea (targeting the Internet) – continue to go from strength to strength. Successive raids on licit and illicit markets have shown improved results in terms of seizures, arrests, convictions and the closure of illicit websites.

These operations both highlight the success of multidisciplinary enforcement action and confirm the crucial need for continued intervention in this area. 

Operation Cobra

More than 10 tons of illicit medicines were seized during Operation Cobra in Western Africa.

Cobra is a multi-country operation for Western Africa. It aims to identify, investigate and disrupt networks involved in pharmaceutical crime such as counterfeiting, illicit production and unauthorized sales of medicines.

Cobra 2011

Dates: 26 September – 2 October 2011

Participating countries: (seven in total) Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo


  • Seizure of 170 tonnes, and almost 200 packages and 5,500 boxes of medicines;
  • More than 300 different medical products seized;
  • Outlets unauthorized to sell pharmaceutical products closed down;
  • More than 100 individuals arrested, including unlicensed street sellers, unlicensed dealers and suppliers.

 Cobra 2011 news story (7 October 2011)

25 septembre 2017

Des millions de médicaments saisis lors de la plus grande opération d’INTERPOL contre les pharmacies en ligne illicites

25 août 2017

Plusieurs centaines de tonnes de médicaments illicites saisies lors d’une opération en Afrique

09 juin 2016

La vente en ligne de faux médicaments et de produits de contrefaçon ciblée par une opération d’INTERPOL

14 janvier 2016

INTERPOL publie une notice rouge à l’encontre de Papa Massata Diack à la demande de la France

21 décembre 2015

Falsified and illicit medicines worth USD 7 million seized across Asia in INTERPOL-led operation

15 décembre 2015

Illicit online sale of medicines focus of INTERPOL training in Myanmar

09 novembre 2015

INTERPOL prête assistance à une enquête des autorités françaises sur une affaire de corruption dans le sport

02 novembre 2015

Un réseau de lutte contre la criminalité pharmaceutique voit le jour aux Comores à la faveur d’un séminaire INTERPOL

23 octobre 2015

Fighting pharmaceutical crime focus of INTERPOL training in Uganda

14 octobre 2015

Russia celebrates 25 years of INTERPOL membership

01 octobre 2015

INTERPOL holds first meeting on pharmaceutical crime in Middle East

18 septembre 2015

Illicit medicine manufacturers shut down in INTERPOL operation against pharmaceutical crime

26 juin 2015

INTERPOL Storm meeting looks to enhance investigative expertise in pharmaceutical crime

18 juin 2015

20 millions de médicaments illégaux saisis lors d’une opération de lutte contre la criminalité organisée coordonnée par INTERPOL

27 mai 2015

INTERPOL initiatives look to boost fight against pharmaceutical crime in Mauritania

Une formation pour développer les compétences en matière d’enquêtes sur la criminalité pharmaceutique

Operation Pangea: Aline Plançon, INTERPOL Pharmaceutical Crime unit

Operation Pangea: Kerry Mannion, US Food and Drug Administration

Operation Pangea: Junko Yamamoto, World Customs Organization

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