At INTERPOL, we support national police in tactical deployments in the field, aimed at breaking up the criminal networks behind different types of cybercrime and technology-enabled crimes.

This INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting illegal online gambling and financial fraud in Asia led to the arrest of some 48 individuals and the seizure of computers and other electronic evidence.

In addition to illegal gambling offices handling more than USD 10 million, police shut down two call centre-type operations running online scams to trick victims into disclosing their bank account information.

Dates: 15 June to 31 July 2015
Participating countries: Cambodia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

  • 48 individuals arrested;
  • 100 pieces of electronic evidence seized, including computers, USB keys and mobile telephones;
  • Two call centres running online scams shut down, after an estimated USD 200,000 stolen from victims.

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