Corruption is universal. It affects all regions of the world and all levels of society, but the impact is greatest in developing countries.

The effects are far-reaching: corruption can undermine political, social and economic stability, and ultimately threaten the safety and security of society as a whole.

Corruption creates a fertile ground for organized criminal activities, even terrorism, as criminals are aided in their illegal activities by the complicity of corrupt public officials.

Economic globalization has made corruption a borderless crime. The competitive world of international business can leave companies exposed to bribes and fraudulent financial practices. Corrupt transactions can cross multiple jurisdictions, making the ensuing police investigation time-consuming and complex.

What INTERPOL does

The ability to coordinate global action is vital for the world’s police and judicial systems. INTERPOL’s initiatives include:

  • International asset recovery: The Global Focal Point Network for Asset Recovery assists law enforcement bodies in returning stolen public funds to victim countries. Accessible via INTERPOL’s secure global police communications network (I-24/7), the platform allows authorized users to exchange information and better coordinate their investigations. Among the tools on offer is SECOM, a secure web-based email capability.
  • Operational support: We can coordinate working meetings between member countries in order to facilitate investigations that cover more than one jurisdiction.
  • Training: Success in international asset recovery depends on sound and credible investigation. INTERPOL offers regional training workshops to investigators and prosecutors, focusing on evidence, through the INTERPOL Global Programme on Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes and Asset Recovery .


The complexities of international corruption require a multi-sector and cross-border response. As such, we work closely with a number of partners to fight corruption globally. Activities include promoting the exchange of information, establishing best practices and providing training to officers around the globe. The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) sets out an international framework invaluable in the fight against corruption and serves as a guide to many of our initiatives.

Our international partners include, among others:


As part of our projects and partnerships, we take part in and organize a number of corruption-related events, such as conferences, meetings and training workshops, involving our partners, contact points, member countries, prosecutors and investigators. In November 2015, the 6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery was held in New Delhi, India.

05 décembre 2016

IOC and INTERPOL host national integrity in sport training in Ukraine

08 septembre 2016

INTERPOL strengthens cooperation in combating corruption in Africa

05 juillet 2016

Regional and global security focus of INTERPOL Chief mission to El Salvador

01 juin 2016

Une formation INTERPOL-CIO pour lutter contre la criminalité dans le sport, en amont des Jeux Olympiques de Rio

12 mai 2016

Tackling corruption requires collective response, INTERPOL Chief tells international summit

15 avril 2016

INTERPOL training in Argentina targets corruption in the forestry sector

22 mars 2016

Sports integrity focus of WADA President’s visit to INTERPOL

21 mars 2016

International Day of Forests: the role of environmental security

14 janvier 2016

INTERPOL publie une notice rouge à l’encontre de Papa Massata Diack à la demande de la France

09 décembre 2015

INTERPOL s’associe à la Journée internationale de lutte contre la corruption

18 novembre 2015

Indian prime minister and INTERPOL Chief discuss cooperation

18 novembre 2015

Conférence INTERPOL-StAR pour la coopération internationale en matière de recouvrement d’avoirs

09 novembre 2015

INTERPOL prête assistance à une enquête des autorités françaises sur une affaire de corruption dans le sport

19 octobre 2015

Peru gears up to protect sport’s integrity

09 octobre 2015

China visit by INTERPOL Chief focuses on international police collaboration

23 septembre 2015

INTERPOL et le FBI resserrent leurs liens dans la lutte contre le terrorisme et la cybercriminalité

21 septembre 2015

Une formation INTERPOL au Sénégal s’attaque à la corruption et à la criminalité financière

08 septembre 2015

Senior Chinese official and INTERPOL Chief meet on international police collaboration

06 août 2015

Corruption and financial crime focus of INTERPOL training in Botswana

04 juin 2015

Combating corruption in the forestry sector focus of INTERPOL training in Malaysia

13 mai 2015

Une nouvelle notice INTERPOL pourrait servir de courroie de transmission mondiale pour cibler les avoirs d’origine criminelle

30 avril 2015

INTERPOL renforce la coopération en matière de lutte contre la corruption et le blanchiment de fonds en Amérique latine

30 janvier 2015

Estonia hosts INTERPOL workshop on anti-corruption and financial crimes

6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery
November 2015, New Delhi, India

Combating corruption and financial crimes

Définition de la corruption

« On entend par corruption tout accomplissement ou abstention d’un acte par un individu ou une organisation, publique ou privée, en violation de la loi ou d’une charge, afin d’en retirer un avantage pécuniaire ou autre. »

Définition de la corruption par des spécialistes d’INTERPOL

Supporting the UN Convention against Corruption