Radiological and nuclear terrorism

Project Stone (Stop Trafficking Of Nuclear Elements)

This project aims to improve the ability of selected member countries to detect and interdict nuclear and other radiological materials, by strengthening capacities to safely monitor, identify, confiscate and (re)establish regulatory control over unlawfully-held radiological materials.


This Project brings together key stakeholders in nuclear and radiological security in order to raise awareness of the reality of the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radiological material. It also supports the establishment of Counter Nuclear Smuggling Teams, to help identify individuals preparing or facilitating the movement of nuclear or radiological materials. 


  • Training on Radiological and Nuclear Materials Smuggling Prevention and Interdiction
  • Training on Operation and Investigation of Radiological and Nuclear Materials Smuggling
  • Operational Commanders Meeting
  • Border Crossing Operation
  • Donation of 3 IBMTF (Integrated Border Management Task Force) kits


  • Eastern Europe (Ukraine)
  • Middle East (Jordan)
  • North America (Mexico)
  • South America (Colombia and Peru)


Law enforcement, border forces, customs, scientific/technical representatives, public health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Energy


Global Affairs Canada

RNTPU Introduction

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