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►Corruption in Sports in India (2013)

Briefing paper on corruption in sports in India by investigators of the Australian Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS).

Language(s): English

►Counting the Costs and Benefits of Tougher Airport Security

This paper by  the Australian Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS) assesses the methods for calculating the risks and cost-effectiveness of Australian Federal Police (AFP) airport counter-terrorism (CT) policing designed to protect airport terminals and aircraft from terrorist attack.

Language(s): English

►Match-Fixing: The Biggest Threat to Sport in the 21st Century? (2013)

Football is far from alone in being a target for match-fixers. Some of the most recent incidences of suspected or actual match-fixing around the world are well known through the media, with others being less so and yet more surprising. Match-Fixing has been described by many, including high profile sporting figures, sport administrators and governing bodies, as a greater threat to the integrity of sport than doping.

Language(s): English

►Match-Fixing in London Olympic Year: Scandals, Lessons and Policy Developments

2012 was predicted to be the year when match-fixing, particularly that related to sports betting, became the principal issue of sporting integrity worldwide with London hosting the Olympic Games. Developments in the field of match-fixing during 2012 came instead from outside of the Olympics with the progression and revelation of numerous instances of match-fixing and the advancement of new public and private policies to detect, deter and educate.

Language(s): English

►Organisational Justice: Implications for police and emergency service leadership

This paper provides an overview of research examining organisational justice and considers the implications of this body of work for policing and emergency services.
Language(s): English

►Police Leaders and Leadership Development: A Systematic Literature Review

The purpose of this document is to report on a systematic review of the research literature pertaining to police leadership, and specifically to report on what the academic literature tells us
about police leadership and leadership development.

Language(s): English

►Policing Corruption and Corporations in Australia: Towards A new national agenda?

A Keynote Address by Simon Bronitt, Director of the Australian Research Council (ARC), during the Fifth Contemporary Criminal Justice Forum that took place in Suzhou, China, 19th - 20th of August, 2013.

Language(s): English

►Quantifying and Describing the South and South East Asian Illicit Antiquities Trade: Australia as an Overlooked Destination?

This Briefing Paper highlights the ongoing research into the illicit antiquities trade between Australia and the South Asia and South East Asian regions. The authors note that, while attention has focused on this trade in Cambodia and Thailand, limited consideration has been given to antiquities of Vietnamese origin, particularly illicitly sourced items that appear on the Australian market.
Language(s): English

Gender Differences in Law Enforcement Training

In an effort to address gender equality in the law enforcement community, this paper highlights gender differences in the learning process and discusses how those differences impact learning .The main goal of this paper is to allegedly enhance teaching effectiveness.
Language(s): English

►Toward a profession of police leadership

The paper focuses on good practices in the field of police leader development.
Language(s): English