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Headed by a National Commissioner, Iceland’s national police force (called Ríkislögreglan) is part of the Ministry of Interior (MIA). The MIA is responsible for international police co-operation, co-ordinating extradition procedures with partner countries and confiscating wealth generated by crime committed abroad.  The National Commissioner administers the police force on a day-to-day basis, while the Minister of Interior is the force's supreme commander.

In addition to crime prevention and investigation, the Icelandic police are responsible for public security and maintaining law and order.  Iceland has no armed forces and the police force is organized along non-military lines with members having civilian status. Police officers have authorized powers in all parts of the country but, for operational purposes, Iceland is divided into 15 districts, each headed by a District Commissioner.

INTERPOL Reykjavik

The National Commissioner’s office co-ordinates international contact in the field of law enforcement. Iceland’s INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) is part of its International Department. 

INTERPOL Reykjavik is the exclusive platform for all Icelandic police investigations with an international link.  NCB activities focus largely on drug offences, wanted criminals and missing persons.   When Icelandic nationals are arrested abroad, enquiries regarding their identity criminal history are addressed to the NCB, and the same procedure applies for foreign nationals arrested in Iceland.

INTERPOL Reykjavik in action
09 junio 2016

INTERPOL lanza una operación contra la venta en línea de medicamentos y productos falsos

LYON (Francia) - Medicinas falsas para el tratamiento del cáncer, equipos de diagnóstico del VIH y la diabetes de calidad insuficiente, material odontológico falsificado y equipos quirúrgicos ilícitos son solo algunos de los fármacos y artículos potencialmente mortales incautados en el marco de la operación PANGEA IX de INTERPOL.Esta operación, dirigida c...
07 octubre 2014

INTERPOL Chief visits Iceland to advance international law enforcement cooperation

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – With his first official visit to Iceland as INTERPOL Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble has underlined the world police body’s commitment to all of its member countries and international law enforcement cooperation by fulfilling his pledge to visit each of the Organization’s 190 members while in office.   In a meeting with Icela...

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Age today: 51 years old
Nationality: Iceland


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Age today: 34 years old
Nationality: Iceland


Age today: 48 years old
Nationality: Iceland , Egypt


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