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Law enforcement in Georgia is the responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).  The MIA mandate is to make Georgia a safe country, enforce the law and protect borders.  It is made up of different units which each address different aspects of Georgian law enforcement:

  • Police Patrol Department;
  • Criminal Police Department;
  • Special Operative Department;
  • Constitutional Security Department;
  • Emergency Situation Management Department;
  • Security Police Department;
  • Border Police;
  • General Inspection Bureau;
  • Police Academy;
  • Counter Terror Center;
  • INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Georgia.


  • Support Georgia’s constitutional system, sovereignty and territory;
  • Prevent, identify and investigate crime;
  • Devise new strategies to fight crime;
  • Identify possible threats to Georgian security and provide the government with appropriate recommendations;
  • Protect the Georgian people’s rights and freedom;
  • Protect state borders;
  • Enforce public order;
  • Carry out operations to prevent crime;
  • Control traffic and ensure road safety;
  • Carry out permission and registration activities;
  • Ensure security, public order and safety of property during natural disasters and emergency situations;
  • Provide law enforcement education at the MIA Academies.
  • Look for missing people;
  • Control the legal circulation of arms;
  • Take action to prevent petty crime;
  • Identify dead bodies;
  • Ensure fire safety;
  • Protect buildings of high state importance;


The Georgian NCB is the exclusive cooperation centre which links national law enforcement agencies and state authorities to the worldwide INTERPOL community.


  • Serve as permanent contact for all INTERPOL member countries, 24 hours a day;
  • Support and coordinate the international fight against crime, serving as liaison point between domestic law enforcement agencies, state authorities and INTERPOL member countries;
  • Research and collect information about international crime trends and methods for combating transnational crime;
  • Cooperate with INTERPOL member countries in investigating crime either committed in Georgia or by Georgian criminals in other countries.

Priority activities:

  • Conduct international enquiries and investigations in partnership with INTERPOL member countries over I-24/7, at the request of Georgian law enforcement agencies;
  • Conduct identity checks;
  • Assist in the location of fugitives and missing people both in Georgia and abroad;
  • Collect and process information requested by INTERPOL member countries, and assist member countries in locating fugitives in Georgia;
  • Provide assistance with the identification of dead bodies;
  • Take action with regard to stolen motor vehicles and stolen works of art.
INTERPOL Tbilisi in action
09 junio 2016

INTERPOL lanza una operación contra la venta en línea de medicamentos y productos falsos

LYON (Francia) - Medicinas falsas para el tratamiento del cáncer, equipos de diagnóstico del VIH y la diabetes de calidad insuficiente, material odontológico falsificado y equipos quirúrgicos ilícitos son solo algunos de los fármacos y artículos potencialmente mortales incautados en el marco de la operación PANGEA IX de INTERPOL.Esta operación, dirigida c...

Red Notices 27

Age today: 54 years old
Nationality: Georgia


Age today: 54 years old
Nationality: Georgia


All wanted persons

Yellow Notices 18

Age today: 21 years old
Nationality: Georgia


Age today: 27 years old
Nationality: Georgia


All Missing persons

European Regional Conference 2001
  • 30th European Regional Conference - 2001 - Tbilisi