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Kyrgyzstan National Police

The Kyrgyzstan National Police is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) which is made up of regional units each responsible for law enforcement services in their respective districts, including a special unit for the capital Bishkek.

Answering directly to the President and Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the MIA is responsible for

  • law and order;
  • preventing, detecting and investigating crime;
  • administrative police services such as vehicle registration, traffic fines etc.

To ensure that officers perform to the best of their ability, one of the Kyrgyzstan National Police’s priorities is the continued professional development of its staff.   A wide range of police training establishments nationwide provide permanent opportunities for officers to improve their skill sets and qualifications.


Part of MIA, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Kyrgyzstan is the national platform for domestic law enforcement agencies to take their investigations beyond the Kyrgyz borders to obtain investigative support and input from INTERPOL member countries.

INTERPOL Kyrgyzstan is made up of seven staff members.


  • Assisting domestic law enforcement agencies in finding international solutions to problems encountered during national investigations;
  • Working with all INTERPOL member countries and the INTERPOL General Secretariat in the search, arrest and extradition of criminals;
  • Assisting INTERPOL member countries in investigations requiring data and intelligence from Kyrgyzstan police authorities;
  • Creating and developing policing tools and methodology to effectively analyse and prevent international crime;
  • Constantly researching and analysing domestic and regional organized crime, terrorism, drugs, money laundering, and keeping the INTERPOL community informed of results.
INTERPOL Bishkek in action
14 noviembre 2013

Investigating and preventing chemical and explosives terrorism focus of INTERPOL training in Georgia

TBILISI, Georgia – Enhancing regional preparedness throughout Central Asia, the Southern Caucasus and Southeastern Europe to respond and investigate a chemical and explosives terrorist attack was the focus of an INTERPOL training course.The four-day (4 – 7 November) course organized by INTERPOL’s Chemical and Explosives (ChemEx) Terrorism Prevention Unit...
26 agosto 2008

Kirguistán solicita la ayuda de INTERPOL tras un accidente aéreo fatal

LYON (Francia) – INTERPOL se dispone a enviar un equipo de ayuda a Kirguistán en respuesta a la petición cursada por sus autoridades nacionales tras el fatal accidente aéreo ocurrido en la capital del país.El pasado domingo un avión que había salido del aeropuerto internacional de Bishkek con destino a Irán se estrelló poco después de despegar. En el sini...

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