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Law enforcement services in Jordan are provided by the Public Security Directorate (PSD).  Answering directly to the Ministry of Interior, the General Director of the PSD is supported by a Deputy Director and six Assistant Directors who are in charge of the following areas of activity:

  • Criminal investigations;
  • Operations and training;
  • Judicial police;
  • Road safety and traffic;
  • Administration and planning;
  • Human resources.

Under the authority of the Director, five regional security commanders oversea the police activities of the Metropolitan, Northern, Southern, Central and Al-Aqaba regions in addition to the Royal Bedouin forces.


In 2008 the national Gendarmerie forces were transferred to the Ministry of Interior to support PSD law enforcement activities.  Gendarmerie responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining law and order;
  • Riot control;
  • Arrest of dangerous suspects;
  • VIP and diplomatic protection;
  • Supporting other security services.

Royal Department for Environment Protection (Rangers)

PSD’s Rangers unit works to improve the quality of Jordan’s environment.  It enforces environmental legislation and promotes cooperation between relevant authorities in an effort to increase national support and advocacy for environmental issues. 



  • International police and information division;
  • Arab police and pursuit division;
  • International cooperation section.

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Jordan is a key part of the Public Security Directorate’s Arab and International Police Department (AIPD): the exclusive platform which links Jordanian law enforcement agencies to their counterparts worldwide.

AIPD Vision:

To help protect lives, property and provide security by enhancing police cooperation through INTERPOL, Arab Interior Ministry council and other strategic channels. To enhance staff performance through the use of modern technology and techniques with a view to achieving strategic objectives and customer satisfaction.

NCB objectives:

  • Boosting security at international, Arab and regional levels;
  • Protecting and maintaining homeland security;
  • Maintaining the security and safety of all citizens, preserving their rights and property, and protecting people from danger;
  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime in all its forms;
  • Protecting and maintaining a secure environment in an effort to encourage investments and sustainable development;
  • Developing and improving services provided to judicial and security authorities in fighting cross-border crime.
INTERPOL Amman in action
23 noviembre 2016

INTERPOL and EU project bolsters security in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan – A joint INTERPOL and European Union project to strengthen security across Jordan has provided frontline officers with direct access to INTERPOL’s policing capabilities.Project Estijab, which means ‘response’ in Arabic, saw the expansion of access to I-24/7, INTERPOL’s secure global police communications system to frontline officers, includ...
14 octubre 2016

Multi-agency response to bioterrorism incidents focus of INTERPOL exercise

AMMAN, Jordan – Strengthening the coordination of multi-agency responses to bioterrorism incidents was the focus of a live INTERPOL exercise.Under the framework of INTERPOL’s Operational Response Project, the five-day (2-6 October) exercise brought together forty-five Jordanian participants from law enforcement, specialist CBRNE teams, armed forces and pu...
01 julio 2016

US and INTERPOL hold multilateral dialogue on nuclear smuggling prosecutions

LYON, France - INTERPOL and the US Department of State have co-hosted a Multilateral Dialogue on Nuclear Smuggling Prosecutions.The event, attended by law enforcement officials, scientific experts, prosecutors and judges from Azerbaijan, Jordan and Turkey was intended to strengthen national and regional capabilities to investigate and prosecute cases of n...
09 junio 2016

INTERPOL lanza una operación contra la venta en línea de medicamentos y productos falsos

LYON (Francia) - Medicinas falsas para el tratamiento del cáncer, equipos de diagnóstico del VIH y la diabetes de calidad insuficiente, material odontológico falsificado y equipos quirúrgicos ilícitos son solo algunos de los fármacos y artículos potencialmente mortales incautados en el marco de la operación PANGEA IX de INTERPOL.Esta operación, dirigida c...
20 abril 2016

Bringing key INTERPOL players to the forefront of international policing

Nothing illustrates the quality of a service more powerfully than the testimony of its users. With INTERPOL’s 12th annual Heads of National Central Bure...
16 diciembre 2015

Protecting Cultural Heritage exhibition, United Nations headquarters

As part of the Protecting Cultural Heritage initiative, a photo exhibition of stolen and recovered cultural items is being held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City from 14-24 December 2015.Protecting Cultural Heritage is a joint initiative between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Jordan and Italy in cooperation with UNESCO, INTERPOL and...
01 octubre 2015

INTERPOL holds first meeting on pharmaceutical crime in Middle East

AMMAN, Jordan – INTERPOL has held its first working meeting on pharmaceutical crime for the Middle East and North Africa to build a strong network for combating this type of crime across the region.Around 30 participants from police, customs and health regulatory authorities from nine countries – Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, S...
27 septiembre 2015

Lanzamiento de una iniciativa mundial para hacer frente a la destrucción y el tráfico de bienes culturales por parte de terroristas y grupos delictivos organizados

NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York – En paralelo a la celebración de la 70ª reunión de la Asamblea General de la ONU, se ha lanzado una nueva iniciativa internacional para mejorar la protección del patrimonio cultural, objetivo de terroristas y personas dedicadas al tráfico ilícito.La iniciativa “Protección del patrimonio cultural: un imperativo para la humanida...
19 junio 2015

Events in Jordan seek to boost environmental security in the region

AMMAN, Jordan – INTERPOL has supported two events held in Jordan to enhance environmental security throughout the region.The three-day National Environmental Security and Investigative Seminar (9-11 June) and a three-day Regional Environmental Security and Investigative Seminar for the Middle East and North Africa (14-16 June) were organized by the Jordan...
10 marzo 2015

Jordan hosts bioterrorism preparedness table top exercise

AMMAN, Jordan - Representatives from law enforcement, public health and the Ministry of Interior from across Jordan took part in an INTERPOL table top exercise aimed at prevention, preparedness and recovery against a biological attack.Organized by INTERPOL’s Bioterrorism prevention unit in partnership with the Middle East Scientific Institute for Security...
26 septiembre 2014

INTERPOL and EU launch Project Estijab to help reinforce security across Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan – A joint INTERPOL and European Union project to help strengthen security across Jordan by providing frontline officers with access to INTERPOL’s global tools and services has been launched in Amman.Project Estijab, which means ‘response’ in Arabic, will see the expansion of access to INTERPOL’s secure global police communications system, kn...
23 septiembre 2014

Heads of INTERPOL bureaus across Middle East and North Africa address regional policing issues

AMMAN, Jordan – Identifying areas for enhanced cooperation to better tackle regional crime is the focus of an INTERPOL meeting for the heads of National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MNA).National and regional initiatives to combat threats including terrorism, drug trafficking, medical product counterfeiting and pharmaceutica...
05 febrero 2014

En su visita a INTERPOL, el Ministro del Interior de Jordania destaca la función de su país en la seguridad regional

LYON (Francia) – En el marco de su visita a la sede de la Secretaría General de INTERPOL, sita en Lyon, el Ministro del Interior de Jordania, Hussein Majali, destacó el empeño de su país por mejorar la cooperación policial internacional.En la reunión que mantuvo con el Secretario General de INTERPOL, Ronald Noble, Hussein Majali recibió información sobre...
17 enero 2014

Un taller de INTERPOL para Próximo Oriente y el Norte de África se centra en la mejora de las investigaciones sobre prófugos

LYON (Francia) – La mejora de las investigaciones sobre prófugos y el desarrollo de buenas prácticas fueron los temas centrales de un taller para funcionarios de Próximo Oriente y el Norte de África que tuvo lugar en la sede de la Secretaría General de INTERPOL.Este acto de cinco días de duración (del 13 al 17 de enero) logró reunir a 24 agentes que se oc...

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