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Australian Federal Police 


Four core functions – prevention, deterrence, partnership and innovation.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is the Australian government’s leading law enforcement agency. It is responsible for investigating offences against the Commonwealth of Australia and advising on the national security framework. 

At national level, the AFP works with Australian government departments, state and territory law enforcement agencies and other partner agencies to disrupt, deter and defeat criminal activity. 

At global level, the AFP operates within a large network of international law enforcement agencies, industry partners, and foreign governments to identify and disrupt transnational serious and organised crime.

Through its International Deployment Group, the AFP also provides a range of capacity development initiatives and peacekeeping and stability operations.  The group contributes to the development, maintenance or restoration of the rule of law in countries that seek Australia's support.

The AFP is responsive to a rapidly changing criminal environment and has eight key investigative priorities. These are:

  • Serious and organized crime;
  • Crime operations;
  • High tech crime operations; 
  • Intelligence;
  • Protection;
  • Aviation;
  • International Deployment Group;
  • Counter terrorism.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Australia is hosted by the AFP and located at its Canberra Headquarters.   It works closely with Australian law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and relevant government agencies.

Some of the services provided by INTERPOL Canberra include:

  • Operating as Australia’s point of contact for INTERPOL;
  • Facilitating international law enforcement communication;
  • Providing training and expertise;
  • Providing advice on international law enforcement cooperation;
  • Undertaking and facilitating transnational enquiries relating to Australia;
  • Providing Australian law enforcement with an officially recognized police channel linked to 188 INTERPOL member countries;
  • Criminal history checks;
  • Background enquiries;
  • Fingerprint comparisons;

INTERPOL Canberra operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week maintaining communication with all INTERPOL member countries and domestic law enforcement agencies.

INTERPOL Canberra in action
30 mayo 2017

New drug trafficking routes and smuggling methods identified in INTERPOL-led operation

SINGAPORE – An INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting drug trafficking across Asia and the Pacific has identified emerging smuggling routes and concealment methods.Operation Lionfish – ASEAN, which involved more than 2,000 police and customs officials across 14 countries, revealed a network of West African and Asian organized crime groups behind traffic...
09 junio 2016

INTERPOL lanza una operación contra la venta en línea de medicamentos y productos falsos

LYON (Francia) - Medicinas falsas para el tratamiento del cáncer, equipos de diagnóstico del VIH y la diabetes de calidad insuficiente, material odontológico falsificado y equipos quirúrgicos ilícitos son solo algunos de los fármacos y artículos potencialmente mortales incautados en el marco de la operación PANGEA IX de INTERPOL.Esta operación, dirigida c...
11 diciembre 2015

Combating terrorism focus of meeting between Australian Foreign Minister and INTERPOL Chief

PARIS, France – Australia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock have met in Paris to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in the fight against terrorism.Secretary General Stock commended Australia for taking a leading role in global counter-terrorism efforts, from preventing the movement of foreign fighter...
04 septiembre 2015

El Foro Internacional de Dirigentes respalda la creación de una alianza mundial contra el peligro que plantean los artefactos explosivos improvisados

CANBERRA (Australia) – El primer Foro Internacional de Dirigentes de la Lucha contra los Artefactos Explosivos Improvisados (IED) ha prestado su apoyo a la creación de una alianza mundial que aúne y oriente los esfuerzos destinados a combatir el peligro que representan este tipo de artefactos.Bajo estos auspicios, una coalición de socios interesados lleva...
02 septiembre 2015

Foro internacional centrado en la lucha contra el peligro mundial planteado por los artefactos explosivos improvisados

CANBERRA (Australia) ‒ Se ha inaugurado en Australia la primera reunión mundial para combatir el peligro que representan los artefactos explosivos improvisados, que cada año causan la muerte o hieren a decenas de miles de personas en todo el mundo.El Foro Internacional de Dirigentes de la Lucha contra los Artefactos Explosivos Improvisados, de tres días d...
01 septiembre 2015

INTERPOL Chief and Australian Minister for Justice discuss security issues

CANBERRA, Australia – Combating terrorism and the foreign terrorist fighter threat were high on the agenda in a meeting today between INTERPOL’s Secretary General and the Australian Minister for Justice in Canberra.Secretary General Jürgen Stock and Minister Michael Keenan also discussed a range of security issues including illegal immigration and border...
18 junio 2014

Child abuse ring identified through international collaboration via INTERPOL

LYON, France – Using evidence collected in Australia and shared via INTERPOL, police in Bangladesh have arrested the head of an organized criminal network which had made a business out of sexually abusing young boys and selling the images around the world.The investigation began in 2010, when police in Australia discovered a large number of sexual abuse i...
28 enero 2014

INTERPOL organiza una convención centrada en la lucha contra las nuevas tendencias del terrorismo

SÍDNEY (Australia) – La determinación de las nuevas tendencias del terrorismo y la delincuencia transnacional, a fin de diseñar una respuesta coordinada a escala mundial, es el tema central de la Convención Mundial de INTERPOL sobre Seguridad y Lucha contra el Terrorismo.Los participantes en la convención –más de 200 jefes de policía, directores de unidad...
20 enero 2014

Media invitation to the INTERPOL Global Security and Counter-terrorism Convention

LYON, France - Police chiefs, heads of counter-terrorism units and international experts from academic, governmental and private sector institutions will gather in Sydney, Australia from 28 - 30 January for the INTERPOL Global Security and Counter-terrorism Convention.Supported by the Canadian Government and Australian Federal Police (AFP), the event is a...

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