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Liberia National Police  


INTERPOL Liberia staff

With more than 4,100 police officers in 151 police stations across the country, the Liberian National Police (LNP) has responsibility for Liberian internal security and criminal investigations.     


  • To maintain public order and safety;
  • To protect people and property;
  • To identify and recover lost and stolen property;
  • To prevent, detect and fight crime;
  • To identify and arrest criminals;  
  • To enforce the law and testify in court. 

The LNP is made up of three units:

  • Administration;
  • Operations;
  • Training.


Part of the Operations section of the Liberian National Police, INTERPOL Monrovia is located at the Police Headquarters and is the exclusive Liberian point of contact for all police investigations with an international connection.   It is the sole designated point of contact for all cooperation with INTERPOL’s General Secretariat, its regional offices and member countries.

INTERPOL Monrovia’s role is to collaborate, cooperate and facilitate local and international criminal investigations and contribute towards the prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of transnational crime. These include trafficking in drugs and persons, terrorism, money laundering and counterfeiting. 

INTERPOL Monrovia is operational 24 hours a day.  

26 junio 2018

Regional security leaders support INTERPOL programme to reinforce West African policing

ABIDJAN, Cote d’Ivoire – Security Ministers, Police Chiefs and national security heads from across West Africa have launched a new chapter in INTERPOL’s regional security programme.Funded by the European Union, phase three of the West Africa Police Information System (WAPIS) will see the creation of national criminal data systems in each country of the Ec...
12 marzo 2018

INTERPOL launches initiative to boost African security

I-ONE: INTERPOL’s operational network expansionLYON, France – Africa’s regional police leaders and Secretary General Jürgen Stock have launched an INTERPOL initiative to strengthen Africa’s global law enforcement role by improving its ability to share and receive police information.The I-ONE launch provided an opportunity for the four African regional pol...
09 marzo 2017

West African cybercrime underground economy emerging, finds joint INTERPOL-Trend Micro paper

LYON, France – A joint INTERPOL and Trend Micro research paper on cybercrime activity across West Africa has revealed a significant growth in cyber frauds on individuals and businesses.Combining survey results from INTERPOL member countries across the region with research findings by Trend Micro, the ‘Cybercrime in West Africa: Poised for an Underground M...
07 diciembre 2016

Operación fronteriza de INTERPOL contra las redes de delincuencia organizada en toda África Occidental

Una operación de seguridad fronteriza dirigida por INTERPOL en África Occidental ha dado lugar a la detención de traficantes de personas y de migrantes y al decomiso de droga, vehículos robados, dinero en efectivo y productos falsificados.Durante los ocho días de la operación ADWENPA II, del 14 al 21 de noviembre, más de 100 agentes de primera línea aplic...

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