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Ghana Police Service

Law enforcement services in Ghana are provided by the following agencies of the Ministry of Interior:

  • Ghana Police Service (GPS);
  • Ghana Prisons Service;
  • Ghana National Fire Service;
  • Ghana Immigration Service;
  • Narcotic Control Board;
  • National Disaster Management Organization;
  • Refugee Board.

Headed by an Inspector General of Police, and with a strength of more than 23,000 officers, the GPS is made up of regional and divisional commands across Ghana which each report directly to the Accra-based headquarters.

GPS objectives:

  • Life and property protection;
  • Crime detection and prevention;
  • Disaster prevention and response;
  • Regulation and monitoring of the entry, stay and exit of non-Ghanaians and travelling public;
  • Development of an efficient and humane custodial reformatory system;
  • Development of a good public relations system.

The Inspector General of Police is assisted by two Deputies – one responsible for administration, the other for operations:



  • Human Resource Development;
  • Welfare;
  • Research, Planning and Information Communication and Technology;
  • Strategic Direction and Monitoring;
  • Finance.


  • Legal and Special Duties;
  • Logistics and Support Services;
  • Operations;
  • Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau;
  • Criminal Investigation Department, which comprises the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Ghana.


An active member of the West African Police Chiefs’ Committee (WAPCCO), Ghana was also the first African country to host an INTERPOL General Assembly (in 1976).  Through INTERPOL Accra, the GPS cooperates actively both with other national law enforcement services but also regionally and internationally, in the fight against terrorism, internet fraud, money laundering, and trafficking in drugs, stolen vehicles, human beings, small arms and light weapons. 

Staffed by nearly twenty police officers, INTERPOL Accra is part of the GPS Criminal Investigation Department and is therefore directly accountable to the Inspector General. Located at the national headquarters, the NCB performs all INTERPOL and international related assignments on behalf of GPS, and is its exclusive platform for all national investigations which need to go beyond the Ghanaian borders.

The NCB is responsible for the extradition and deportation of fugitives to other INTERPOL member countries and enjoys regular and effective cooperation from its partners both in the region and across the world.

INTERPOL Ghana conducts regular field operations in cooperation with the INTERPOL General Secretariat and other member countries, particularly in the areas of combating child trafficking and in the illegal trade in ivory, stolen vehicles and counterfeit medical products.

As part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activity in Ghana, INTERPOL Accra recently connected some of its national law enforcement partners to INTERPOL's I-24/7 network and databases, thus giving police across the country instant and automated access to INTERPOL’s criminal databases. Kotoka International Airport and the two sea ports, in Tema and Takoradi Harbours, now have hands-on access to critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents in a matter of seconds.  With this new capacity, Ghanaian police officers in the field can quickly determine if a person is a potential threat to national security.

INTERPOL Accra in action
15 junio 2017

Tackling regional crime through global cooperation focus of INTERPOL meeting

SANTIAGO, Chile – Intelligence sharing and international collaboration against regional organized crime was the emphasis of a Fortaleza-CRIMJUST meeting hosted by Chile’s National Police – PDI and INTERPOL.Participants discussed ways to tackle transnational crime via INTERPOL’s Project Fortaleza and Project CRIMJUST, a European Union-funded initiative imp...
09 marzo 2017

West African cybercrime underground economy emerging, finds joint INTERPOL-Trend Micro paper

LYON, France – A joint INTERPOL and Trend Micro research paper on cybercrime activity across West Africa has revealed a significant growth in cyber frauds on individuals and businesses.Combining survey results from INTERPOL member countries across the region with research findings by Trend Micro, the ‘Cybercrime in West Africa: Poised for an Underground M...
07 diciembre 2016

Operación fronteriza de INTERPOL contra las redes de delincuencia organizada en toda África Occidental

Una operación de seguridad fronteriza dirigida por INTERPOL en África Occidental ha dado lugar a la detención de traficantes de personas y de migrantes y al decomiso de droga, vehículos robados, dinero en efectivo y productos falsificados.Durante los ocho días de la operación ADWENPA II, del 14 al 21 de noviembre, más de 100 agentes de primera línea aplic...
07 junio 2016

Border management focus of INTERPOL training in West Africa

COTONOU, Benin – A further 44 law enforcement officers from eight countries - Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Togo - have undergone training as part of the INTERPOL Capacity Building Project to Foster Stability in West Africa.The two-week (23 May – 3 June) course was the second in a series of training courses aimed at e...
15 febrero 2016

Captura de drogas, delincuentes, armas y oro en una operación fronteriza de INTERPOL en África Occidental

COTONÚ (Benín) – Una operación destinada a reforzar los controles fronterizos en el corredor Abiyán-Lagos ha dado lugar a importantes decomisos de drogas, automóviles robados, dinero, armas de fuego y documentos de viaje falsos, así como a detenciones por tráfico de migrantes.En el marco de la operación denominada ADWENPA, que duró 10 días (del 26 de ener...
31 julio 2015

Strengthening West African border security focus of INTERPOL programme

ABIDJAN, Côte d’Ivoire – Strengthening border management was the focus of a specialized INTERPOL course for immigration and customs officers from key border control points and National Central Bureaus across West Africa.During the two-week (20 – 31 July) course hosted by the INTERPOL Regional Bureau for West Africa in Abidjan, participants received in-dep...
22 mayo 2015

INTERPOL training in Ghana aims to strengthen regional police capacity in border management

ACCRA, Ghana – Law enforcement officers from across West Africa have received specialized training as part of an INTERPOL programme aimed at building policing capacity to strengthen border management.The two-week course (11 – 22 May) at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Centre (KAIPTC) in Accra brought together 22 law enforcement officers from im...
06 junio 2014

El Jefe de INTERPOL afirma que es necesario un esfuerzo colectivo para luchar contra los delitos farmacológicos

LYON (Francia) –Tras una operación llevada a cabo recientemente en África Occidental, que dio lugar al embargo de cerca de 200 toneladas de medicamentos falsos o ilícitos cuyo valor asciende a unos 25 millones de USD, el jefe de INTERPOL ha instado a colaborar en mayor medida para combatir los delitos farmacológicos.El Secretario General de INTERPOL, Rona...
19 junio 2012

INTERPOL efectúa la mayor operación de su historia contra el tráfico de marfil a manos de organizaciones delictivas

LYON (Francia) – La mayor operación realizada hasta la fecha por INTERPOL contra las organizaciones delictivas dedicadas al tráfico de marfil ha llevado a la detención de más de 200 personas y al decomiso de cerca de dos toneladas de marfil de elefante prometidas al contrabando.14 países de África Oriental, Austral y Occidental han participado en la opera...
17 octubre 2011

Visita ministerial ghanesa a INTERPOL para hallar nuevas vías de cooperación

LYON (Francia) – Ghana ha sido seleccionada como país piloto de una serie de proyectos contra la delincuencia organizada transnacional en África Occidental y otras regiones, por lo que la visita efectuada por el Ministro del Interior de este país a la sede de la Secretaría General de INTERPOL se ha centrado principalmente en las nuevas formas en que los o...
25 mayo 2011

Operación BIA II: Con la ayuda de INTERPOL, la policía de Ghana rescata a 116 niños obligados a trabajar en la industria pesquera

ACCRA (Ghana) – La policía de Ghana ha rescatado a 116 niños, víctimas del tráfico infantil y del trabajo forzoso en la industria pesquera de la región del lago Volta, en el marco de una operación coordinada por INTERPOL en la que también se registraron 28 detenciones y otras tantas condenas. Los niños rescatados tienen edades comprendidas entre los 5 y l...
20 abril 2011

INTERPOL-led operations in Africa result in seizures of fakes worth 1.5 million dollars

LYON, France – Operations carried out in Togo and Ghana co-ordinated by INTERPOL have resulted in the seizure of pirated and counterfeit goods worth USD 1.5 million.Products including soup cubes, computer supplies, African fabrics, plastic packaging used for food and water, cigarettes and CDs were recovered by around 100 police, customs and Intellectual P...
14 febrero 2011

Se decomisan productos médicos falsificados en el marco de una operación llevada a cabo en Ghana con el apoyo de INTERPOL

ACCRA (Ghana) – Una operación en Ghana dirigida contra los delitos farmacológicos, que contaba tanto con la formación como con el apoyo operativo de INTERPOL, ha dado lugar al decomiso de miles de medicamentos ilegales y falsos.En el marco de la operación HARMATTAN, de dos días de duración (10 y 11 de febrero), 50 funcionarios de las fuerzas policiales, y...
17 noviembre 2008

África es testigo de la operación internacional más importante de la historia en materia de delitos contra la flora y la fauna silvestres coordinada con INTERPOL

La operación llevada a cabo el sábado en el continente africano para combatir los delitos contra la flora y la fauna silvestres condujo a la detención de casi 60 personas y al decomiso de una tonelada de marfil de elefante de contrabando. En un solo día se practicaron redadas en más de 50 lugares, entre ellos mercados de marfil locales, aeropuertos, pasos...

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  • 18th African Regional Conference - 2005 - Accra
  • 45th INTERPOL General Assembly - 14-20 October 1976 - Accra