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21 septiembre 2017

INTERPOL counter-terrorism meeting targets Middle East and Southeast Asia

AMMAN, Jordan – Containing and disrupting transnational terrorist groups active in the Middle East and Southeast Asia was the focus of an INTERPOL working meeting in Jordan.

Funded by the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World, and bringing together more than 50 officers from 13 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, the three-day (18 – 20 September) meeting served to boost counter-terrorism intelligence sharing in the targeted regions.

Co-hosted by INTERPOL and the Royal Jordan Police, this was the first INTERPOL meeting of its kind to bring together counter-terrorism experts from such diverse regions.  

“Jordan stands strong with INTERPOL in the global battle against terrorism and transnational crime. We are grateful to INTERPOL for its continued support in helping member countries tackle transnational crime, consistently providing us with the capabilities we need to tackle terrorism,” said Major General Dawoud Hakouz of the Royal Jordan Police.

The meeting was part of INTERPOL’s global counter-terrorism strategy aimed at helping member countries contain and disrupt transnational terrorist activities through the identification of members of terrorist networks and by tackling the main factors enabling their activities: travel and mobility, online presence, weapons and materials, and finances.

“With INTERPOL increasingly perceived by national and regional partners as a key international partner in the fight against terrorism, our new  approach to counter-terrorism capacity building is to connect different regions who face common terrorism threats even though they are geographically far apart,” said Assistant Director of INTERPOL’s Counter-Terrorism unit, Karel Pelán.

“The Royal Jordan Police enjoys a strong, long-standing relationship with law enforcement around the world.  By organizing key strategic meetings like this we are providing counter-terrorism experts from different countries and regions with an exclusive, secure venue to share their security challenges,” said Colonel Jehad Qudah, Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Jordan.

Countries participating in the meeting were Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.