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06 septiembre 2016

Global response to cybercrime focus of INTERPOL meeting

LYON, France – Shaping a global framework for exchanging information and best practices against cybercrime will top the agenda during the 2nd INTERPOL Global Cybercrime Expert Group meeting at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat (6 – 8 September).

Speaking to some 60 experts from all regions of the world, INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock said the ever-changing character of cyberspace was ‘a moving target changing shape every other day’.

“The ‘cybercrime as a service’ concept means that cybercriminals are becoming digital mercenaries. They can simply provide their products and services to the highest bidder – whether a financial fraudster, an extortionist, or a terrorist,” said Secretary General Stock.

The audience heard this explains why INTERPOL’s three global programmes on cybercrime, organized and emerging crime, and terrorism are interconnected.

The meeting was organized by the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation based in Singapore which, later this month, will host the 4th INTERPOL-Europol Cybercrime Conference.

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