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23 febrero 2015

Zambia hosts INTERPOL training session against wildlife crime

LUSAKA, Zambia – INTERPOL has held a wildlife crime training course to enhance the skills of police and wildlife officials from Malawi and Zambia in effectively enforcing environmental laws.

With a keynote address at the opening ceremony by Zambia’s Inspector General of Police, Stella M. Libongani, trainees from Police, Environmental Authorities and Customs, attended the five-day training session (9-13 February) which also aimed to encourage a multi-agency, multi-national approach to tackling wildlife trafficking.

The use of INTERPOL’s global tools and services to enhance multinational law enforcement collaboration against wildlife trafficking, including through intelligence-led law enforcement intervention, was the focus of discussions on field training exercises.

Further topics included operational planning, decision making, risk management, completing information collection plans, witness and subject interview techniques, crime scene investigation, search and seizure techniques, and court procedures.

The training was funded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) through INTERPOL’s Project Wisdom, which supports and enhances governance and law enforcement capacity for the conservation of elephants and rhinoceros. It seeks to conserve these species through international operations, intelligence-led policing, increased public awareness and training of local police.