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26 abril 2014

INTERPOL recognizes World IP Day

Every year the importance of intellectual property (IP) to the world’s economy is recognized on World IP Day, 26 April, as originally designated by the World Intellectual Property Office.

Through its Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting programme, INTERPOL has for years facilitated and supported police and law enforcement agencies worldwide in the fight against IP related crimes. 

In doing so INTERPOL has supported police among its member countries in dismantling countless international criminal enterprises, whose main objective was to exploit the IP rights of others to achieve significant financial gains.

In 2013 alone more than USD 174 million of counterfeit and illicitly traded products were seized by law enforcement officers during INTERPOL-facilitated actions across the globe, resulting in detentive and investigative actions against some 6,000 individuals.

Such highly sophisticated crime groups operate on a national and international level, and IP crime is known to impact upon many other areas of criminal activity, such as money laundering and the financing of human trafficking and drug cartels.

Many examples of such links between the traffic in illicit goods and counterfeiting can be found in the Organized Crime Casebook.

IP development and protection, as well as the fight against counterfeiting, encourage innovation and ensure that there is a safe environment in which inventions, research, development and creativity can thrive.